i have no "run" program

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  • 1. Long delay first time users log in
    I have a lab with 30 PCs running Win XP. At the end of the school year on one PC, I make any needed changes and eliminate all the files saved by students all year. I then image that PC using Ghost and cast the image onto all the other PCs in the lab. The only signifigant change I made this year was to update the PC to SP2. The problem is that now the first time a user logs onto a PC, it takes >5 MINUTES to load their profile. (We do not use roaming profiles.) After that, if they use the same PC, it takes the usual 8 SECONDS or so.
  • 2. MS Config\Startup items
    Hi In Ms Config>startup window, I have an entry under Startup Items with a number of squares in a row and also in the Command line. The location of this is ""software\microsoft\windows\current version\windows Has anyone got any idea as to what this is. I can't find it in the registry. Also in the same window, I want to get rid of a couple of other entries such as "snoopfreeui" which is proving a problem to eradicate. I have uninstalled the programme as I should but the entry still seems to be there and ticked. When I untick it and come out of Startup and then go back in again the items is again ticked. How do I delete these sort of items from the startup screen. Any help would be appreciated Regards
  • 3. Explorer Shell and IE Not Working
    Windows XP Professional SP2 is installed on a system which was working perfectly until two days back. All of a sudden IE hanged the system a couple of times and the system had to be rebooted forcedly. Now the system boots up normally but the IE does not run. The Windows Explorer also does not run. Double clicking on My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents and My Network Places makes everything disappear from the Desktop and then appear again after few seconds. Control Panel also cannot be opened from the Start Menu. Reinstalling SP2 also has not made any difference. Please let me know what needs to be done to repair the system. Thanks,
  • 4. No Computer Power Down on Win XP Shutdown
    System: AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 2.20 GHz, 1Mb of RAM, Win XP SP2 Recently my computer fails to power down after shutting down Win XP. Start-Turn Off Computer-Turn Off proceeds normally but after the system shuts down, the computer remains on and must be turned off manually. How can I fix it so that the computer powers down automatically after Win XP shuts down? Thanks.
  • 5. How do i get rid of dual boot menu
    Hello. I upgraded a WINXP Home to WIN XP Pro SP2. When machine starts, it asks if i want to boot with XP Home or XP Pro. How do i change it so that it doesn't ask anymore. It just goes right into XP Pro ? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Tony

Re: i have no "run" program

Postby Will Denny » Thu, 22 Jul 2004 22:01:54 GMT


Try this:

Right click on the Start button and select Properties>Customise - enable 'Display Run'.


Will Denny
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
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i have no "run" program

Postby Andy core » Fri, 23 Jul 2004 04:44:41 GMT

i have recently noticed that i have no run program on my 
desktop and i cant find it anywhere. how do i get it back 
or where has it gone. I noticed this when i was trying to 
do msconfig.

i have no "run" program

Postby anonymous » Thu, 29 Jul 2004 06:20:53 GMT

left click "Properties"-then "Start Menu" tap at top (if 
not there already)-click the "Customize" button beside 
whatever is selected or dotted in "Start Menu"(XP)
or "Classic Start menu."                                   
If you're in XP(the first one at the bottom), click 
the "Advanced" tap at top- put a check in the "Run 
command" box in "Start menu items:"-click OK-then in the 
next window, click Apply-OK.                             
If you're in the "Classic Start menu"-click Customize-then 
in the "Advanced Start menu options:"-check "Display Run"-
then OK-Apply-and 
Hope that helps!  

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