Defining legal character set for folder/file names

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Re: Defining legal character set for folder/file names

Postby David Candy » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 23:09:09 GMT

If you use posix tools you can create unix names. But posix was removed in XP leaving only Windows (OS/2 was removed in Win 2000). Windows can't use illegal windows filenames. NT itself is agnostic. So you need to find a program that will as windows programs won't. This also means windows program's can't use an windows illegal named file.

This means it needs to be a NT native program (like chkdsk on startup), which is not documented but has been reversed engineered.


Re: Defining legal character set for folder/file names

Postby vrak58 » Sun, 03 Oct 2004 14:47:37 GMT

Essentially, what you are saying is "No way" with native tools in XP.


Re: Defining legal character set for folder/file names

Postby David Candy » Sun, 03 Oct 2004 15:10:49 GMT

That correct. 


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First check to make sure there is data in the directory.  
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My PC: WinXP - Brasilian Portuguese
Wife's PC: WinMe - English
LAN Connection.
All permissions given.

All works fine, except...

I (XP-Portuguese) cannot copy (or view) any files from my wife's hard
drives that contain *some* of the letters in portuguese that have
accents on them - not ALL accented letters, just some.

On my wife's WinMe-English the file names are fine - with their
correct accents in the names - even though her PC is WinMe-English -
albeit with a brasilian keyboard defined.

However in my WinXP-Portuguese (also brasilian keyboard defined) when
I "look" at the files in Windows Explorer thru the LAN the names
appear with underscore characters in the place of some of the accented


BAD - can't open them across the network:

Exporta_es brasileiras 2005.doc - should be an 
Histrico Infla_o.doc - should be an , but note that the  is OK

 = Alt + 0245 - BAD
 = Alt+ 0227 - BAD

 = Alt + 0243 - OK

GOOD- can open them across the network:

BCB - Taxas de Cmbio.doc
Boleto de Cobrana Bancria.doc

 = Alt + 0226 - OK
 = Alt + 0225 - OK

The error message that I receive when I try to copy a BAD file is:

"Erro ao copiar arquivo ou pasta"
"No  possvel copiar arquivo. No  possvel ler o arquivo ou disco
de origem."

Which translates as:
"Error while copying file or folder."
"It is not possible to copy the file. It is not possible to read the
source file or disk".

If I try to open a BAD file (in Word, for example) I receive the

"No  possvel encontrar este arquivo."
"Verifique se o caminho e o nome do arquivo esto corretos."

Which translates as:
"It is not possible to find this file"
"Check that the path and the name of the file are correct"

Any ideas why?

Any idea how to fix it?

Perplexed Paulo

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