evil SP2 while installing SP2 i heard a strange noise come from HDD

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  • 1. Roaming profiles
    HEllo, I have a WINXP Pro network configured to use roaming profiles. The profiles work fine but the only problem is when a user logs on in a remote office across the VPN it takes forever to log on due to the size of the profile. If a user has over a 3mb profile there is a few minute delay. SO my question is can I configure Windows to just save desktop and outlook settings in the profile? Thanks
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    Hello, I am currently planning for a new AD to replace our NT4 Domain. All PCs are XP and the user profiles are all stored on the local PCs. When users log into AD a new profile is created for them. Is there a process or a utility that will help me to copy the NT Domain profiles to the new AD profiles? I would rather not visit every PC to do this manaully. Thanks in advance!
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    I currently run a Windows NT network with Windows XP clients. Since deploying the SOE to all machines, I have found the usefulness of TweakUI(XP Version) and would like to include certain tweaks into the users local computer policy. Does anyone know how I would be able to apply the tweaks from TweakUI to my already configured clients?
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    My system isconsistantly showing the following: Image Name = System User Name = (blank) CPU Usage = 60 - 75% Memory Usage = 20 - 216K The performane of my machine degraded recently and this may have something to do with it. Any ideas what's going on?
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    Is there a way to permanently add a feature to the title bar to maximize and minimize the size of the windows in the Microsoft Configuration Utility (msconfig) in windows XP Pro and Home editions? Windows 98 has that capability and it sure makes it easier to manage the settings when you can maximize the windows so you can see more of their contents at one time on the screen. -- Clark

evil SP2 while installing SP2 i heard a strange noise come from HDD

Postby googlefan281 » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:26:05 GMT

while i was half way installing SP2 my hard drive disk made a strange
noise and i couldnt move mouse or anything . After that i had do a
system do a system restore and take off SP2 which cause more problems
than i needed . after that i had insert the Windows XP home Disk and
reinstall it all over again Grrrr . what caused this problem?

Re: evil SP2 while installing SP2 i heard a strange noise come from HDD

Postby Shenan Stanley » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:54:47 GMT

If your hard disk made a strange noise, then perhaps the pure size of the
Service Pack wrote to a part of your hard drive that is defective.

<- Shenan ->
The information is provided "as is", it is suggested you research for
yourself before you take any advice - you are the one ultimately
responsible for your actions/problems/solutions.   Know what you are
getting into before you jump in with both feet.

Re: evil SP2 while installing SP2 i heard a strange noise come from HDD

Postby SlowJet » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:54:34 GMT

No think to it.
tSK, tSK, TO CheapAIDisk.


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research for
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Re: evil SP2 while installing SP2 i heard a strange noise come from HDD

Postby Mike H » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:44:48 GMT

SP2 is not responsible for the general state of your HDD..

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