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  • 1. infrared icon did not show although all services started
    hi, The infrared icon did not show in task bar as usual when i try send data to my notebook from handheld device after i did some DIY setting in registry and services (like turn off some services and modified registry value), and the stupid thing was that I did not do the backup before DIY. I tried turn on all services, but the infrared still cannot work although my handheld can send data to other notebooks. Anybody have ideas about what kind of setting in registry and services or anything else will affect the infrared work? Regards, Jinn
  • 2. Add context menu options (ricght click on file)
    Hello All! I would like to know where to start on finding info on how to edit the context menu when you right click ona file. I need to copy files to many servers at once, and instead of editing batch files etc. I would like to right click on a file and have a send too option maybe, or a copy to servers option. I would like to be able to program so that it will pop up a diaglog box asking which volumes and directory to copy it to and maybe which servers to copy it too... etc... Any thoughts? TIA Luis
  • 3. task bar dos'nt appear nor start menu after admin logon in win 2003 enterprise
    as admin log on taskbar nor start menu appear, and logon as user i cannot coustomise program menus no r see propertiy menus in my computer?
  • 4. Empty Clipboard? XP.
    I'm delighted that two of you have responded to my question, but both say the message is unavailable. What do I do now? >-----Original Message----- >Message unavailable

Default Profile

Postby Basu » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 02:03:26 GMT

Last night my computer was forced to shut down improperly 
due to power failure. There after when I restarted my 
computer it went to regular scaning and made some file 
recovered but it could not load my previous profile.
It also could not show my documents properly on the desk 
top. Please help me how can I restore my profile?.

Re: Default Profile

Postby Thorsten Matzner » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 05:28:42 GMT

See "Error Message: Windows Cannot Load Your Profile Because It May Be
Corrupted" ( http://www.**--****.com/ ).


Similar Threads: to copy wista user profile to default profile

I have an active directory user profile on VISTA Pro.
For funny reason (after installation of Sophos AV) Windows cannot load it.
Instead new profile was created when logged in to AD. 
Need advice how to copy corrupted profile to a new one.

Please click by click explanation. I didn't have time to "play" with Vista.
And it's a bit confusing.

May be it includes some utility. Is it like on XP that local Admin can copy 
whole profile and that's it?
What's new about ntuser.dat and etc.


2.Vista Roaming Profile Questions (Default Profile & User Folder on Desktop)

I've got a bit of an issue, I'm running Windows Vista Business in 
domain envrionment with roaming profiles

So far everything seems to be working well with two minor exceptions

1. Everytime a user logs in, they have an icon for their user folde
(ex. C:/Users/Test1) appear on the desktop.  I'm trying to get rid o
this and have yet to find a wa

2. We currently use a default user profile on our netlogon share fo
our XP users to have a pre-formatted user profile, this is not applyin
to our vista users for whatever reason, and I have yet to be able t
find a solution online for this

Any help is much appreciated, thanks :

3.Can the Default Profile be a Mandatory Profile???

Does anyone know if it's possible to make the Default Profile a Mandatory 
Profile?  Some domain computers in our building are in a lab environment.  
Users have their own PC at their desks, but they also use the lab computers.  
We want the users to have a normal profile at their desks, but we want them 
to have a mandatory profile on the lab computers.  

I don't think there's a Group Policy for this, so I was thinking that maybe 
the Default Profile they would pick up could be a mandatory profile.  Anyone 
know if this is possible?



4.Default Profile: standard wallpaper/settings for all newly created profiles

Win2K pro:
I'm attempting to make a machine that, once a user logs in, and creates a 
new profile, the desktop will always look the same. Important things are 
really only the wallpaper, colors, and IE not asking if the user wants to 
create a new internet account.

These would all be simple regedits, if the profile existed. However, I'm 
looking for the "Default User" 's registry. So that whatever I put into the 
"Default User"'s reg. get's copied over to any newly created profiles.

I first guessed the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT section is what I wanted, but I was 
wrong. It's only for before login, and at the ctrl-alt-delete screen. I've 
tried a couple other ways, but no avil. The only thing I can get working is 
setting a Group Policy to enable active desktop, and force the active 
desktop wallpaper to be what I want. However, this leaves out the other 
things (Colors etc..) that I want.

Since I'm logging into a domain (One that I don't have complete control 
over), I believe that new profile settings are being downloaded from some 
kind of a network profile. However I can't locate this, and probably don't 
have access to change it. I only have access over the local machine.

Well, any help, or at least pointers on where to look would be appreciated. 

5.Roaming Profile / Default Profile

I have a question maybe someone can answer.

We are running a two Win 2000 Server Domain. We decided to make a change for
the user startup page to be home vice www for the intranet site. No problem
there, a quick DNS change, and a tweak to the GPO and all is done. Existing
users had there browsers automatically change from www to home and all was
good. Problem was that when a new user was created the profile he gets when
they log in for the first time has the browser set at www vice home. All
users when created are set to have roaming profiles.

I know when a user logs in for the first time the "default user" profile is
copied over to the new user and they use that to start there own profile. My
question is with roaming profiles does the new user get the copy of the
default user profile from he workstation they log into that first time, or
does the server use the default user profile from the server they
authenticate with? I want to make a change to the default user profile so
that its has it home page set to Home vice WWW but do I need to just do it
on my servers or look at doing it on all of my workstations?

If there is another way that I am not thinking about I am open to


6. Default Profile when using Roaming Profiles

7. Default Profile Loads Instead of Normal Profile

8. Can the Default Profile be a Mandatory Profile???

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