Hiding the Windows Explorer AddressBar

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Hiding the Windows Explorer AddressBar

Postby Bob Swipes » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 20:59:30 GMT

I just 'inherited' a group of computers for which I need 
to disable the AddressBar in Windows Explorer. All the 
users have personalized settings & are power users. 
The 'boss' wants to disable/hide the address bar in 
Windows Explorer on all the computers for all the users. I 
am able to hide the Internet Explorer (not what I need, 
really) addressbar by setting 
Explorer\Toolbars\Restrictions\NoAddressBar to 1. I can 
also prevent the users from changing their toolbar 
settings by setting 
lorer\NoBandCustomize to 1. This keeps them from changing 
toolbars settings but it doesn't remove the address bar. 
Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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