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  • 1. display reset tu a clasic on limited or power uaer
    te display setings can,t be change on limited or power users but are normal in administrator
  • 2. Trouble setting desktop images
    I had some pictures inserted into my desktop browser. When I click on some of them to use as a desktop, instead of being a full picture, it shows up as tiles on my screen. How can I get it or set it to where it is one full picture and not many tiles? (This is a different question from the one I asked in "Deleting Files" I got that fixed, thanks to all who helped.) Thank you for any advice.
  • 3. missing quick launch icon
    My "show desktop" icon has disappeared from my quick launch tool bar. I have not been able to satisfactorly bring it back. If I create a short cut to the desk top it shows the icons in desktop under the user's desktop folder. I have had SP2 on for over a month, this happened within the last week.
  • 4. Teeak UI
    I have made changes using tweak ui. how can i restore it to windows xp defaults. i mean factory settings. well i dont know what all i have changed using tweak ui.

Log on help for XP

Postby Doug » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 03:33:10 GMT

Anyone know how to get the machine to boot directly onto 
the desktop, avoiding the pause screen where you click on 
the user to log on?   No one here but me, and I like to 
walk away while rebooting and come back to my desktop 
rather than a login screen.

Thanks in advance as always,


Log on help for XP

Postby Doug » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 15:13:59 GMT

awesome input tyvm!!!


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