Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

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  • 1. services
    How do you know which services can be turned off ???
  • 2. Copy Profile
    Hi, I want to create another user on my XP system that is an exact copy of the original but with a different username. This account must have all the same rights, same access to installed software, email accounts, everything. The *only* difference is that I want the 2nd account to have a different login name, different "user's docs" name and different "C:\Documents and Settings\user" folder name. So, say the original is: C:\Documents and Settings\user1 and the copy is: C:\Documents and Settings\user2 ..both accounts must behave in identical fashion apart from that. Is this possible and if so how (without a full reconfig of installed software)? Thanks for any help. Mike.
    Here's an annoying problem. I save a pic to use as my desktop background. I then turn the computer off and come back later, and turn it on. All is well for about 15 minutes then the screen flickers and goes into high contrast for about 1 second and the desktop pic reverses to the default "bliss" pic. This is all accompanied by a faint "zip" noise in my hard drive. Is this a crash? No other systems, files are affected. Any ideas?
  • 4. No Desktop Icons After File And Settings Transfer Wizard
    I just completed a Network Transfer from a Windows 2000 Professional computer to a Windows XP Professional. The files, favorites, and most everything else I can tell got transferred fine. But there are no icons on the desktop. I cannot add icons to the desktop (it lets me go through the action, but nothing appears on the desktop). The desktop under Documents and Settings for the user show the icons there, and when I add a new icon, the icon appears in the deskop folder, but not on the actual desktop. This was a factory install (DELL) of Windows XP, brand new computer. Any Thoughts????

Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Antastic » Sat, 03 Jul 2004 21:09:22 GMT

my quick launch bar has dissappeared and it wont let me 
creat a new toolbar error message "cannot creat toolbar" 
appears i havnt deleated the quicklauch folder its the 
for all users on my computer, it is checked in taskbar 
properties to appear but it still doesnt any ideas??


Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby JDE » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 00:56:31 GMT

I'll add a slight twist to your problem Antastic: I have the option of 
displaying mine, but everytime I reboot, the system default back to NO 
quick launch bar. I have to activate it every time...what gives???

Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Scott » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 01:01:36 GMT

I have a post about the same thing on the next page under 
the subject "Taskbar Toolbars - Quick Launch". There are 
a number of tips there that haven't helped me so far, but 
something might help you out.

Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Eddie » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 04:34:21 GMT

Go to start,all progams,accessories, system tools, system 
restore, then click restore my computer to previous date 
click on a date you remember the quick launch bar being 
there.(bold dates are best to choose) when restored 
problem should be fixed>-----Original Message-----

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Tx2 » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 11:16:48 GMT

In article <256cf01c4606b$92f5b580$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, 
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM , a.k.a Eddie says...

Yeah right, along with all the other changes you've made since.

Only use system restore as a last chance saloon, or turn this safe 
harbour for viruses and malware off altogether.

Don't you people use Google? 

The answer, so far as i can see, is documented enough times.
But to help you out ... 

 http://www.**--****.com/ !.zip

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby VFJK » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 21:17:01 GMT

Tx2 - I've been in direct contact with Kelly and there's no known solution to this issue. Wanna try again?

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby David Candy » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 21:43:34 GMT

I'm sorry, we don't have any dummies for you to spit. Do YOU want to try again?

'Not happy John! Defending our democracy',

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Tx2 » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 01:40:10 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , a.k.a 
David Candy says...

I was offering a sensible solution, *offered* by a well known MVP, 
*found* via Google, as an alternative to using System Restore, IMO, a 
safety net with a big hole in it as it will undo a multitude of system 
changes, some of which may be undesired.

Take it or leave it sunshine .... i choose to help, i'm not obliged.

Idiot comments earn you no respect. MVP or not.

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Tx2 » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 01:48:11 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, 
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM , a.k.a =?Utf-8?B?VFJK?= says...

Really? .... then Kelly's own tool either needs to be removed so she 
doesn't charge people $5 for something that doesn't work, or she needs 
to sort out the broken functionality of the utility she is offering via 
her web site.

The information given via her site suggested quite positively that a fix 
was in place. Until that route was tried, no-one could know if this 
utility would work or not.

There's a *lot* of information relating to this issue via Google; no-one 
had suggested using Google as a tool for assistance.

System Restore, as i suggested, is the last route i'd go down as it will 
undo a multitude of changes, some of which may be undesired. 

I'd search for, and use, specific fixes aimed at the problem in the 
first instance.

If you don't consider that sensible advice, we have nothing left to 

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Gary Lapalombara » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 02:57:31 GMT

Thanks, but this does not fix the problem lots of us are 
experiencing.  The Quick Launch folder is not missing, 
its there still yet we get an error when we try and 
create the Quick Launch taskbar.

this safe 

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby David Candy » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 09:50:24 GMT

You were slagging someone off. It's not about google or SR but about your attitude. If you have attitude then you MUST be right, which you aren't in this case.

'Not happy John! Defending our democracy',

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Tx2 » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 18:40:30 GMT

a.k.a David Candy says...

I wasn't "slagging" anyone off, merely stating what would happen if 
System Restore were to be used, and that more favourable methods might 
be considered first, namely using Google as a research tool which no-one 
seemed to have suggested.

I recommended a tool i found using Google. If it doesn't work, then i 
can hardly be held accountable for that. Idiots would suggest otherwise.

So far as my "attitude" is concerned, if you find it a problem, you know 
the course of action to take? I suggest you do it.

If i've no more dummies to spit, then you surely have lost your teddy 
because you are most certainly acting like a child who has done so?

Grow up David, and fix your top posting nonsense.

Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby anonymous » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 23:36:23 GMT

problem. Mine too disapeared an all users after reboots. 
Can get it back each time but have to recheck the 
quicklaunch box. Reboots don't hold the status of the 
toolbar for anthing, or the appearance of screen at 
shutdown. I think somethings missing but dont know what 
it is. If you find out let me know.

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby rozer » Tue, 06 Jul 2004 02:10:05 GMT

I've experienced the same problem.  It started when I booted up my XP
machine and went to log into my profile.  I got a dialog box message
that the profile lacked required priveleges and the system rebooted in
30 seconds.  The other profiles did not behave the same way.  I spent
an hour re-creating my profile and moving email, documents, etc.  Ran
ad-aware and hijack, found traces of the IMISERV virus (including a
suspicious wupdt.exe executable), kept at it until an accompanying
browser hijack disappeared.. (all this on a machine with current nav
definitions, behind a firewall, latest patches, and strong password
security... and a daughter of course, just like the commercial).

The machine seems clean. No sign of any suspicious activity.  However,
the quick launch feature is dead.  I can check off the option under
toolbar properties, but the setting does not stick, and the quick
launch bar does not appear.  The folder is present in the profile, it
just doesn't do anything.


Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby R1RPTWFuaWE » Tue, 06 Jul 2004 04:09:01 GMT

I'm having the same problem. Will MS post a fix here or we on our own?

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