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    I have some image names I'd like removed from the Display Properties / Desktop / Backround list. These are'nt the built in (ie....coffee bean, bliss or gone fishing images btw). Where does windows store these images? Thanks in advance.
  • 2. unwanted toolbar in IE
    I have a search toolbar that shows itself in my internet explorer window whenever I open it. It's annoying, just adds more clutter and I want it outta there. When I right click on toolbars in IE, it goes under the name voulyielgrs. How do I find this file and delete it? It showed up when I updated my messenger plus MSN messenger program. Thanks!
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    I have a scenario where I have several users using the same system. Is it possible for the users to have a common set of Favorites in their IE, plus, whatever other ones they decide to add themselves? thanks much, Paul
  • 4. Position and size of notification area
    I changed from Windows 2000 to Windows XP recently. With Windows 2000 I am used to locate my taskbar on the left side of my desktop, where the Start Button was at the top and the notification area was right besides the Start Button (when the taskbar was made broad enough). Further, I used this area to show a small clock that fit into one line. With Windows XP this notification area is located at the very bottom of the taskbar (no matter how broad I make it), and when I activate the clock in it, it shows not only the time but also the date and makes the notification area very thick (composed of THREE lines). My question: is there a possibility to move the notification area within the left-side taskbar next to the start button and make it show only the time and not the date so that it shrinks to one line, like in Windows 2000? If yes, please tell me how to do so.

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby Carrie Garth » Fri, 09 Jul 2004 23:03:47 GMT

| "Antastic" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > 

| my quick launch bar has dissappeared and it wont let me 
| creat a new toolbar error message "cannot creat toolbar" 
| appears i havnt deleated the quicklauch folder its the 
| for all users on my computer, it is checked in taskbar 
| properties to appear but it still doesnt any ideas??

According to many posts by "Ramesh [MVP]", this problem may 
be cause by Blazefind or any other malware (that modifies the 
"Userinit" registry value).  For more information use Google 
Advanced Groups Search to search for: 

Ramesh Userinit "Quick Launch"

Google Advanced Groups Search

For detailed removal instructions for Blazefind see the following 
Trend Micro (an antivirus and Internet content security software
and services company) web site:, see:

TREND MICRO - Security Information - TROJ_BLAZEFIND_A

Note: On the aforementioned web page make certain that you click
on the hyperlink to "Additional Windows ME/XP Cleaning
Instructions" and follow those steps, too.

Re: Quick Launch Bar dissappeared

Postby R1RPTWFuaWE » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 01:12:02 GMT

Solved It! My system was shut down completely! I called Dell and they helped me repair my XP Home Edition but that didn't help. I believe the problem was caused by Malware called VX2. First I went into SaFE Mode and ran a system restore to a date before June 30th. This restored my Quick Launch. Them I Googled " Ad Aware " and downloaded the Ad Aware software ( free for personal use) Be sure to update the software before you run it. Also, download the VX2 plug in. I had to run it about 6 times to remove all of the Spyware. Be sure to check Control Panel Add/Remove programs for the items that need to be removed manually. My computer is running so much faster now. Good Luck! Should I rerverse the system restore or leave it the way it is?


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