Installing East Asian Language Support

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Installing East Asian Language Support

Postby arasithil » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:31:12 GMT

When I try to install the files for East Asian Languages from Regional
and Language Options in the Control Panel, I get no response. When I
click the checkbox, I do get the "You chose to install the Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean language files..." message; however, when I press
either OK or Apply I get the hourglass icon for a few seconds and then
nothing. Any help would be very much appreciated, and thanks for your

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Hey... I hope this is the correct subforum =)

I am having a problem installing language support.

I go to the control panel, regional language options, and check the box
for the language support I need, then Windows prompts for the Windows XP
CD to copy the necesssary files, just like the instructions go.

The problem is, I do not have the CD. This computer was built for me by
a local computer firm. They did not give me the XP CD, even after I
asked several times. (This is a legit copy, though)

Anyhow, is there any way I can download the support online (I remember
you could do this on 98...), or otherwise bypass this problem?

Any help will be appriciated.  :confused:


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have those files from the net? 
I tried to find it from microsofts pages, but didn't find it. (in a case 
this information is needed: i don't have office at all on this computer).

So please help me, I'm tried to looks those little boxes instead of the real 
japanese writing.

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