ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

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Re: ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Brad Combs » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 03:15:49 GMT


What does crash mean? Blue Screen (If so details will help)? System Freeze?
etc,.... Also, whats the shell that you are running at startup?

Brad Combs
Imago Technologies


Re: ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Mick » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 17:34:53 GMT

sorry I forgot that info. Its a blue screen 0x8. I start the command shell
and type ewfmgr and that will not result in the blue screen. but when I type
ewfmgr e: it will show the information and results in a blue screen after a




Re: ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Mick » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 18:22:50 GMT

Well, actually I think I have a different problem here. I tried several
different scenarious to reproduce the blue screen and it seems that I do not
even have to start the cmd shell for it to happen.
I will try to figure out what actually causes the blue screen.
Thanks for the reponds,




Re: ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Doug Hoeffel » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 23:52:31 GMT


In case you don't already have them, I recommend you apply the QFE's Q816654
and Q823025 since they resolve numerous issues, some of which were BSOD's,
with the EWF.

HTH...  Doug




Re: ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Mick » Fri, 19 Dec 2003 19:09:23 GMT

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.





ewfmgr c: command -> system crash 60+seconds

Postby Mick » Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:49:22 GMT

Hi there,
I am using ewf and it seems to do the overlays and everything. When I type
in the cmd shell "ewfmgr c:" it displays all the info. But somehow when I
leave the command shell open the system will crash after about two minutes.
It will not crash when I close the cmd shell and do other stuff. I don't
have any screen savers or something enabled or running.
Thankfull for any suggestions.



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