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Outlook Express and html window behavior

Postby bjrugg » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 11:04:26 GMT

A senior I know has OE 6.0 as his email client. When he gets an email that 
has an html link in the bodyand clicks on it, his system (a new Dell 4600 
with XP Home) opens IE 6 in a window BEHIND all currently open windows (he 
sometimes misses the opening). I had him send me the email and it opens on 
top of all my currently open windows on my  XP Home machine.
Ever seen this behavior and any clues how to solve it? I have visited OE MVP 
sites and google with no luck to date.

Re: Outlook Express and html window behavior

Postby PA Bear » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 11:58:00 GMT

There's a fix for this in...

WinXP-SP1 TweakUI
HTH - Please Reply to This Thread

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)

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The working computer and problem computer are running identical
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Update. I've side by side compared the "about" screens on Outlook
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I have also side-by-side compared the settings on both machines and
also the registry keys. Both are running with 100% identical settings
and registry keys.

If e-mails contain html and do not include the proper Outlook Express
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e-mails without Outlook Express headers and this is a MAJOR issue for

I have spent several days researching this and cannot find a solution.

The most obvious thing to check is to make sure "Tools" -> "Options"
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I also tried creating a new message store and switching to a newly
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Teranews (my news provider) seems unwilling to respond despite sending
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I cannot find a single page describing a similar Outlook or news server
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I am using XP Pro and Outlook Express 6.

Perhaps outlook keeps some information concerning the old news server
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The initial massive count for any group is always a bigger number
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