I need to stop scandisk from starting???

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    Ok i have a laptop and so i guess it was left on for quite a while i came back to it and it says a fatal error message: NTLDR:fatal error 373 reading boot.ini im unable to go to setup because it requires an administrator password and i don't have one and i never put one in i cannot run in safe mode because the f8 solution isn't working, i don't have a disk like a backup disk or anything so i really need some help with my laptop because i am unable to do things because of what is on my laptop so someone please help me.
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    I recently installed Netscape 4.06 to see how my websites looked and worked on an old browser. It changed all my .htm amd .html icons to the communicator lighthouse and ships wheel. I went into folder settings\file types and reset them both to IE. IE now opens all .htm and .html files however I'm stuck with the lighthouse as an icon on everything in "my webs" and if I use IE for ftp instead of getting the "E" as an icon (for .htm and .html's) I get a blank "DOS" square with the file name correctly displayed. System restore couldn't deal with it. Any ideas appreciated, everything works, it's just annoying. Thanks Kevin
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I need to stop scandisk from starting???

Postby R2lsYW4 » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 05:46:02 GMT

I selected scandisk to scan each of my partitions while I was in Explore.  
Windows says it can only do it when it restarts so I shut down and let it 
restart.  Now the scandisk starts on the last partition first and when it 
gets to the next one it crashes and restarts the computer.  The whole thing 
starts all over again and keeps rebooting.  I need to stop this loop.  I can 
get access to the hard drive files using another windows install so can 
someone tell me what file to delete to kill the scandisk request???   I am 
using Windows XP Pro on my system. There must be a way to just kill the 
scandisk request before the Windows startup.

Re: I need to stop scandisk from starting???

Postby ColTom2 » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 08:28:23 GMT

You might try putting your computer in Safe Mode and then selecting "Last 
Known Good Configuration" and see if this will get you out of the loop that 
you are in .Go to  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: I need to stop scandisk from starting???

Postby Unk » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:18:12 GMT

Check Disk starts every time Win XP starts

Scroll down to 82.  Disable or Enable Check Disk Upon Boot

Chkdsk Runs Each Time That You Start Your Computer

Chkdsk.exe or Autochk.exe starts when you try to shut down or restart your computer

CHKNTFS.EXE: What You Can Use It For

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I had to do a deep scandisk con WIN XP HOME and it asked for next time
reboot, it will do the function.

It made the controls and at the end, it wrote that everything was OK.
now I can't reboot the system, it always write the CONTROL IS DONE.

shutdown the DEEP CONTROL in SCANDISK, but the system can only boot, and
start again the HDD CONTROL.

someone can help me please?


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Hi All,

I am having problems with viewing clips on Youtube it keeps on stopping and 
starting with clips that are over 6 minutes in duration. Its not only clips 
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Can someone let me know if there is a setting in WM that allows me to play 
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3.Need help with a machine-based "net start service"/"net stop servi

"pbrill1" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> Situation:
> I have a server that needs to stop a service at a specific time each
> and start it again at a specific time the next morining.  I would like to
> have the server do this without having a user logged onto the machine
> the time that these events are occuring.
> I thought that I would use "net start.bat" and "net stop.bat" scripts, and
> execute them on the server's Scheduled Tasks.  This worked, as long as I
> logged in as the administrator that created the scripts, but it did not
> appear to work when I wasn't logged in.
> I also attempted to look for something that I could do under Group Policy
> (we have up to date Windows 2003 network), but I wasn't able to see
> that looked useful.  Running the .bat scripts from
> startup/shutdown/logoff/logon appear to be the only options, and of
> course...these aren't what I need.
> Is there a relatively simple way to start and stop a single server's
> without requiring the user to be logged in?
> --
> pbrill1

You must schedule the task under the Task Scheduler
and use an account that has sufficient privileges to do
the job. Try this in order to find out what's going on:

@echo off
echo %date% %time:~0:5% User=%UserName% Path=%path% > c:\test.log
net stop "Some Service" 1>>c:\test.log 2>c:\test.err

Now have a look at the two log files and all will become clear!

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I keep getting 'found new hardware wizard' message at 
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5.Need Help how to stop dual booting start-up

>-----Original Message-----
>Had a major problem and hired MS to guide me through the 
>corrections. They did the job very well. Do to a failed 
>cooling fan I again had the same problem, got a new fan 
>and followed the proir instructions.
>Everthing does work with one exception.
>When I start my PC I get my Gateway screeen then instead 
>of windows booting up, I get a multible choice screen 
>with re-install windows-xp highlighted and I must move 
>quick to change to open with windows-xp.
>I went to Gateway and they stated this looks like a dual 
>boot with windows-xp installed on top of it's self. Is 
>their a easy way to correct this issue?

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