Installation of MSXML 4.0 SP e SDK

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Installation of MSXML 4.0 SP e SDK

Postby QWxiZXJ0bw » Tue, 12 Apr 2005 18:47:03 GMT

I had a problem with a full installation of Roxio Easy Creator 7.5 and its 
support informed me that I have to in install MSXML 4.0 SP.
In downloaded the file but when I try to install it I receive this error:

.......error during installation of assembly component:
[ 303994BD-6487-47AE-AF1D-7AF6088EEBDB ] HRESULT: 0x80070002

Could anyone inform me about the problem and what I have to do ?
Thanks in advance

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RE: An error occured during the installation of assembly component 
      HRESULT: 0X80070002.

I spent app. 2.5 hours on the phone yesterday with a MSFT support technician 
( cost $35.00) trying to resolve an installation error (see above) with MSXML 
4.0 SP2 SDK (msxml.msi). The gentleman, very professional and pleasant, could 
not solve the problem no matter what he tried. I followed his instructions to 
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Thank you.



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