Problems installing STYLUS CX7800 - USB 2.0 do not recognize print

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Problems installing STYLUS CX7800 - USB 2.0 do not recognize print

Postby UmVnaW5hbGRv » Mon, 27 Feb 2006 03:41:48 GMT

Installing Stylus CX7800: Windows XP do not recognize the Printer. I connect 
to USB 1.0  (computer default) and also tried the USB 2.0 (using a card I 
have with 2.0)  in both situations, when I go to the Device Manager and 
update the driver (tried use automatic and also pointing to CD) the driver 
fails to install for the Printer Only.  The scanner is working fine.
I have deleted all USB devices, boot the machine. The Windows can install 
back some of the drivers (like the Scanner that is part of this printer), but 
not the Printer.  Any recommendation? 
I lost more than 8 hours trying to fix.. Have gone to Epson, here and did 
not help... 
Bios is updated.. 
I suppose to be a computer expert.... :-))

RE: Problems installing STYLUS CX7800 - USB 2.0 do not recognize print

Postby UmVnaW5hbGRv » Mon, 27 Feb 2006 06:27:28 GMT

I have the correct driver.. When trying to re-install  using the hradware 
list, the driver it looks its is going well and after a while I get the error 
"cannot install this Hardware"there is a problem installing USB 2.0 
Printer.... The data is invalid..
Any other ideas?

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2.Epson Stylus CX7800 Problem

-- If the CX7800 is on, Windows will not boot up during start or
restart.  The CX7800 must be off, then Windows boots up perfectly.

When Epson was contacted, this was their reply.  

"This issue has been reported on the Dell Dimension 4500c and the Sony Vaio
RX series of computers, though it may also occur on some other computers.
When the BIOS of these computers sends the query during bootup to the Epson
multi-function device, the query is ignored by the Epson product which
causes the computer to hang during its boot. This problem has been reported
on some Dell 4500 computer systems using the Phoenix BIOS PLUS v.1.10 A06
ROM chip and on some Sony Vaio RX systems using the Award Medallion BIOS
v.6.0 ROM chip. The best thing we can suggest to do would be to contact
your computer vendor for a possible update\resolution for this issue.

As a workaround, disconnect the multi-function device from the computer and
turn it off. Reboot the computer, then reconnect the multi-function device
to the computer USB port and power it back on. This will allow for normal
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Mike C

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WHY? (using standard XP SP2's drivers).

WHY does XP have much more troubles about USB devices like add-on
cardbus ones?

Components of cardbus: (cardbus made by ''Billionton'')
Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
NEC PCI to USB ONEC PCI to USB Open Host Controllerpen Host Controller
NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller

Thank you.

4.USB 2.0 Scanner on USB 1.1 System (XP): recognized, but does not work

I run a Sony Vaio PC (Win XP, SP1) with several USB 1.1 devices attached.
All fine.
Now I tried to install a Plustek ST48 USB 2.0 Scanner. During set up, XP
gives me a message saying that the USB-device is a high speed device, but
will work, though at lower speed. Unfortunatley, it does not. In the device
manager, everything looks well, no exclamation signs, and the scanner is
listed as functional. Downloaded the newest drivers from Plustek. Installed.
No change. Twain cannot connect to the scanner. To make sure, the Scanner
has enough power, I disconnected all other USB-devices from the machine. No
change. I tried every and each USB-Port at the Machine, with and wihout
hubs. No change.

To exclude that the Scanner or the cable is faulty, I installed the scanner
at a Toshiba Laptop (USB 1.1, Win 200o Pro): it works fine, but very slow
(old machine, little memory). But the scanner itself is ok.

Talked to the guys at both hotlines: Sony and Plustek: both have no clue (as
usual), and point with their fingers to each other.

Now I arrived at the end of my latin. Except installing a USB 2.0 port. I
would want to avoid that, because I use the scanner only for scanning my
24x36 mm slides, when this job is done, I will sell it again, because I do
have an all-in-one HP in my network which has regular scanning capacity.

Almost hopeless, but still: has any of the freaks any clue?

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and obviously the difference is huge when using these drives as backup 
devices.  The ports are definitely 2.0, but aren't always being recognized 
as such.  Is there a registry setting that could force 2.0? 

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