Can SEND but Cannot RECEIVE in Outlook Express and Outlook

Windows XP


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Can SEND but Cannot RECEIVE in Outlook Express and Outlook

Postby JimNorth » Sat, 16 Aug 2008 10:24:16 GMT

I have three email addresses I use.  They are all located on a Windows
Server 2003 running SMTP and POP3 (NOT Exchange).  All three accounts
are identical in their setup.... use WPA and require authentication.

I can send/receive fine from one account.  The other two will send but
not receive and there is no error message.  This is true for both
Outlook Express that came with XP and for Outlook 2000 which is my
primary email client.

If I set the accounts up an another box in my office, they send/receive
fine.  It seems to be just my XP notebook (SP2) that will not pick up
mail from two of the three accounts.

I have removed/reinstalled SMTP and POP3 on the Server.
I had run ipconfig /flushdns multiple times on my XP notebook.
I have removed and add the accounts multiple times in both Outlook and
Outlook Express.  Nothing.  Will send find but will not pick up message
showing in the POP3 mailboxes on the server from this machine.


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