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Re: Windows System File Corrupted - Need to Repair Without Re-inst

Postby Uk1N » Wed, 09 Jul 2008 02:23:01 GMT

Thanks !

So this will this work even though the Toshiba disk is not a normal Win XP 
setup disk, but an OEM recovery disk?

I will try to do this tonight with a friend who is more of an expert than 


Re: Windows System File Corrupted - Need to Repair Without Re-inst

Postby Clark... » Wed, 09 Jul 2008 07:04:37 GMT

yes it should, if the disk is of the normal variety and not a insert and 
format install automatic type disk.
I know the fix works if it is done correctly, I have done it many times
Good luck
WCFP Computers.
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Don't you have Google in your part of the world? 

Re: Windows System File Corrupted - Need to Repair Without Re-inst

Postby Uk1N » Fri, 11 Jul 2008 02:47:01 GMT

ello Clark,

We tried to replace the system file from the Toshiba recovery disk and this
did not work. Next my friend tried to restore the file from a Windows XP
install disk - again no luck.

He said that he thought the disk had some bad sectors and would probably
fail soon...

We also tried the Windows scandisk utility, thinking that it might move the
corrupt file to another (non-damaged) location on the disk and would then
allow Windows to boot - again no luck.

We are installing another hard drive and can access the documents & files on
the old drive (my friend has a case to run the HD externally as a
stand-alone), but will have to reinstall all the programs....Oh well. Thanks
again for the suggestions.

"Clark..." wrote:

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