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    Hi, My Windows Messenger has become corrupted - whenever it runs, I get the "Send error report to Microsoft" dialogue box. This wasn't a problem as I just disabled it via Add Remove Windows Components but recently, I installed Patch KB815495 for MSDE 2000 SP3a. (I don't have SQL Server installed - only the Desktop engine for use with Visual Studio 2003.) This Patch must use some aspect of Windows Messenger as I get the error when ever I boot up. This did not happen before I installed the above patch. The specific error quotes the faulting application as msmsgs. A .dll is also mentioned but I cannot remember the actual one. I disabled a number of services to squeeze some more performance out of my system, maybe I disabled one too many? I have MSN messenger 6.2 installed and there is no problem with this. I have Windows Messenger 4.7.2009 installed. I tried updating to the latest version, but this only made things worse. Is there any way that I can fix Windows Messenger? Any help gratefully received. -- BadHead :) --- OS: Windows XPPro SP1 CPU: AMD 2500+ RAM: 1024MB PCI3200 MB: Gigabyte GA-7V600T 1394 GRAPHICS: ATI9800 PRO
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    When I wanted to log onto my hotmail account I could click on start and hit the hotmail email button and it would open a screen to choose which account to log into however now msn hotmail button has been deleted and I would like to get it back. In order for me to open my hotmail account I now have to click onto the email button and it then opens my Explorer and I have to log in their. When I do I cannot access my msn messenger favorites. Cn you tell me what I have to do to fix this?
  • 3. Windows Messenger..sorry its a little long.
    I have recently recovered my pc due to a trojan that got on to my pc somehow even though I had an up to date firewall and antivirus package. As I was trying to get all the microsoft updates again, I managed to land myself with blasterworm, which i managed to get rid of. Anyway, just to get to the point, I sorted my pc and decided I wanted to use windows messenger, I already have a msn account and was able to use windows messenger and msn before this happend. A question popped saying that before I would be able to use it I would need to update it so I clicked yes and another box came up with the do you want to install and run blah blah blah (i cant remember exactly what it said), I do know that it said it was from so I trusted this and ran it, afterwards my computer went crazy for about three seconds. It then asked me to restart but i didnt, I had a feeling something was wrong so I scanned, id picked up sasser worm. Anyhow, im now rid of this but I still cant use messenger, everytime I try to get on this I get asked for the update and its just not happening. I went directly to website and got a windows messenger update directly from there and then all of a sudden my documents were opening on their own...again, did a scan but nothing this time. Could someone help me please? Ive ran every scan possible.
  • 4. MSN Messenger can,t get dounlod
    Jonothen Dear sir Yesterday I sent you to solf pop 0x8000301. but befor I get your answer I removed the msn messenger from my pc. and i did some think else too. Now I whant to downloud MSN MESSENGER. but I can, when it do the downloud I am geting messeg which says you can,t dounlod the MSN Messenger go to MSN Messenger web and downloud it from there. error 1601. Please help me. and this time I am going to wait your answer only. Thanks alot

Messnger update will not install

Postby Stuart » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 01:48:53 GMT

Messnger update will not install.  Gives error 
message "path not found ...." but when I observe it 
attempting install, it creates the path and files 
referred to in the error message.  Any suggestions.  I've 
tried both Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger through a 
number of different sites and methods.

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>-----Original Message-----
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