Audio skips when I send to DV camera

Windows XP

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    After several unsuccessful attempts I was able to do this with a short clip, but that was a couple of months ago, so I know I don't need to download or adjust anything. I'm just getting back to this project and can't for the life of me figure out what I did to make it work. Computer: Gateway Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz, with XP and factory installed SP2. Video cam: Sony DVR-TRV 140 Digital 8 Software: WMP10, Ulead MSP 6.5, and Sony Movie Studio + DVD If I remember correctly, the successful capture (with sound) was done with WMP before I upgraded it to Version 10. Any and all help is appreciated - I feel like I'm close, but not close enough. Thanks. Lois
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    like the movie i want to import keeps getting resized when i add it to the timeline, when i saved it it stayed resized and it distorted the movie, the movie file before it is resized is is 720x198 is their a way that movie maker will not resize the movie?
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    is there a way i can convert a movie file so i can use it in movie maker?
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    Hi Has anyone found a problem saving to a movie after creating project. No matter what I try the program continually returns the error window that says can't find sourse file or not enough room etc. What is the problem please! Many thanks in advance
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    G'day everyone. I am trying to make a small movie for a history report on WWII. Last night i recorded a tv file on it using a program called VisionDTV. It saves it as a .mpg file but when i try and open the file in Windows Movie Maker, i get this error message: "The file C:\Documents and Settings\Cameron\My Documents\My Shows\historyWWII.mpg cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again." If anyone could help as soon as possible it would be HUGELY appreciated....its sunday arvo and i need to get started on this project. Thanks for your time, Cam

Audio skips when I send to DV camera

Postby Kalani » Sun, 03 Aug 2003 11:49:28 GMT

I am having problems when I send a movie to record to tape 
on my Sony MiniDV Camcorder via firewire.  The audio pops 
intermittently.  I originally used a 128kbps .wma, then a 
470kbps .wma and that was even worse.  I got the best, yet 
unsatisfactory results from a 44100MHz 16bit stereo .wav 
file.  I have a 2.0GHz P4 and 512MB PC2100DDR ram.

Please Help!

Re: Audio skips when I send to DV camera

Postby Cari (MS-MVP) » Mon, 04 Aug 2003 06:37:54 GMT

Ensure you're running as little in the background as possible.  Turn off
Seti at Home, Seti Spy, Instant Messenger, Windows Messenger, even antivirus
(though don't forget to turn it back on when you've finished)....


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camcorder (Canon ZR40 DV) and edited it in movie maker. I 
then saved the project and wanted to send it back to the 
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I'm having what would appear to be a well known problem 
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get clicks, pops or even minor skipping of Additional 
Audio tracks during transitions.

Having tried all of the current remedies, I'm wondering 
is anyone has anything further to add to this issue...

What I have / Have tried - 
Athlon 2500, 512 MB ram, WD 8MB cache 7200 rpm 80GB SATA 
drive, ASUS a7n8x motherboard...

Have tried - 
  - Information found in MS KB article KB812610. This 
includes many different bitrates of audio on MP3's, WMA's 
and even WAV's.  
  - Tried exporting to DV-AVI first, then DV, to no 
avail. (In fact, I never bothered to write to DV, as the 
AVI still had pops during transition.)
  - Made sure nothing else was open using CPU
  - Checked windows update 
  - installed new DX 9 updates...

As most of my experimentation was unfortunately on a 58 
minute movie, I thought I'd try a short clip. Even on a 
clip that's only a few minutes long, the problem is still 

I thought I would try outputing to "High Quality PAL". 
From an audio perspective, this worked OK, but 
unfortunately, the picture quality was less than 
excellent. The subjects of my current videos do not 
benefit from the compression blocking or artifacts and 
recording that back to DVD will just look silly. :( 
Interesting, though, that there were no aparent audio 

Next, I tried PAL 2.1 MB/S (Local Playback) which 
actually looked pretty good, though I still suffered with 
some of the solid colors I have in the movie. Again, no 
audio glitches at all.

Thus far, the best results with full uncompressed DV 
quality output have been with 320kbs WMA's. It's close to 
good, but unfortunately, with each transition, 
particularly with transitions from video clip to video 
clip, there is still a noticable pop. 

Is there anything else I can do about this? It seems to 
me that this is clearly a bug in the software that 
requires attention. The KB article does NOT really 
address the root cause of the problem at all and to say 
that "Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem" is 
just a kick in the teeth for me. The ONLY reason I bought 
XP (and 2 copies at that!) was because we could get MM2 
and make DV quality movies. 

If this is an acknowledged problem, is there an 
acknowledged fix, or some kind of fix underway, and is 
there an ETA on when? 

ANY help will be welcomed. :)


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