Problems - Tried the Fixes on PapaJohn and nothing.

Windows XP

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  • 1. M4P files converter
    I make lots of video montages with the pictures my kids take. Everything is very simple using PS3 and MM2 except for adding the music. We get all of our music from iTunes which, of course, comes with DRM on an M4P file. I have been wasting CD-Rs burning then ripping the songs to WMA. Does anybody have a better way to do this? I am not asking to do anything illegal as I am not selling the music or giving it to other people. It is music I bought and want to continue using for myself - just not in iTunes or on my iPod or anything else that starts with a lower case "i".
  • 2. Editing Images
    Does anyone know if it is possible to apply a "fade out" (or any other) filter to all images in a storyboard at once, rather than have to select each one individually? I'm also wondering if there is a way to change the clip duration from a default of 10 seconds to 4 seconds, without having to start from scratch and re-load all of the photos to the storyboard... Thanks!
  • 3. editing clips
    How do you edit clips so they play backwards
  • 4. capture problem
    I'm trying to capture from a Sony DCR-IP7 MicroMV video camera and a 1394 Firewire OrangeLink board. It captures OK with Studio8, though not with Sonic or ULEAD. When I try to capture with MovieMaker2, I get an Unspecified Error message, and can go no further. In Control Panel, System, under audio and video devices, it shows it as working normally. What can I do now?
  • 5. X64
    Hi where can I download Wmm for x64 bit ? Thanx

Problems - Tried the Fixes on PapaJohn and nothing.

Postby SmVzc2U » Thu, 31 Jan 2008 22:43:00 GMT

I have several problems with Windows Movie Maker.  I have a Sony HDD 
camcorder and downloaded several clips.  I want to edit one of them.  I can 
import the file into moviemaker, but there are a few issues.

1. On the screen to the right, where it appears you should be able to play 
the clip, there is no video.  While messing with the codec option, I was able 
to get audio to play at one point, but never video, and I haven't been able 
to get the audio back.

2. When I try to drag the clip down to the storyline at the bottom, the 
program just up and crashes, no error message really, just the typical "has 
encountered a problem with" pop up.

Any help?

RE: Problems - Tried the Fixes on PapaJohn and nothing.

Postby SmVzc2U » Thu, 31 Jan 2008 22:46:01 GMT

Oh, and I did do the hardware acceleration change also, no help.  I renamed 
the matching codecs, no help.

Re: Problems - Tried the Fixes on PapaJohn and nothing.

Postby PapaJohn » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:15:40 GMT

You don't need to 'fix' things.... do file conversions before importing. See 
my Cameras and Capture Devices > Types > Hard Drive page.

website references are to


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