Lost Shared folders, need to tell XP I don't have a shared network

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  • 1. Behaves like no network, but NSLOOKUP works
    On my XP/SP2 laptop, I can successfully -ping localhost -ping <anything else> -tracert <anything else> -nslookup <anything including myself> I cannot -ping my IP address (but works) -use a Web browser (no proxy server, no firewall) No Internet applications operate. All return the generic "DNS Error". I verified -Firewall is disabled... -No proxy configurations exist -No errors show in the event logs -ipconfig /all... shows proper IP, gateway, settings -Routing tables (route print) duplicate what I expect and see on other systems -Virus free (per pattern file from last week) I tried -ipconfig /flushdns -nbtstat -RR -DHCP and fixed IP addresses, gateways, DNS servers -Reinstalling NIC driver... NIC continues to function normally -WinsockFix utility to restore bindings Still... I have no applications that can make an outbound connection to the Internet. Interesting... -MSN Instant Messenger diagnostics reports "Key Ports" failure such as with improper proxy or firewall settings. -Network Diagnostics tools (KB314067) fails IP address, suggests things I've already eliminated. I'm at the end of what I know. Any ideas how I can get my network back???
  • 2. dsl connection
    Ok, I just recentlly got DSL service hooked up in my house. However, we are not using indivisual modems for each computer. We are using a router to split the connection. The problem that I am having is that I cannot connect to the internet using two of the computers. We believe that one of the computers needs to be sent to the comamy to reconfigure the settings. But, the computer i'm trying to get to connect should conenct with no problems. Now the computer that works uses Windows NT. I'm using windows XP. When I click on the properites of the LAN connection, it displays the duraion of the time of the connection and says that it is enabled, so i assume that connection works through the jack. At my college dorms, they have a Lan conneciton there, and all I have to do is plug the cable into the jack and it connects to the internet with no problems. Is there anything that Ihave to do differnt here? I'm using Bellsouth Fast Access services, and i'm using the Zyxtel ADSL as my modem. For a better visual, I have all of the wires hooked up downstairs in a diffentt spot. So again, we are using one intial modem with multiple jacks to connect. If anyone can help, I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.
    I have Sony XP MCE PC. Recently I had power failure and now I am having problem with other PC networking to MCE. Even Remote desktop is not working. I can go out on internet (connected thru DI-634) router. When I check IPCONFIG, I get ip address fine but I cannot ping to MCE from other pc on network. In my network place when I click on workgroup computer, I get nothing but sound. It seems that some network related services are not working. When I start PC I following error - SVSHOST.EXE Error. Exception Privilege Instruction 0xc0000096) occured in the application at location 0x76e5f489. I found few article on excpetion priviledge but no real help I did diskcheck and it fix couple of problem with hard drive. Any idea on how to find out what is the problem with networking services and which one. Thanks.

Lost Shared folders, need to tell XP I don't have a shared network

Postby and5 » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:30:02 GMT

I was fooling around with the home network wizard and now my computer thinks 
I have a home network (I don't) and I can't access my shared folders. I have 
a Documents folder in the All Users subdirectory but I am unable to access 
it, even from my administrator login.

How can I tell my machine that it is not networked and hopefully get my 
shared folders back? Thanks.

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