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  • 1. Upgraded to XP, lost Internet
    I upgraded my Dell Laptop (Inspiron 4000) from Me to XP Home. I had been networking using a desktop (running XP Home) connected by DSL (using PPPoE, I believe) and a wireless router, and a wireless card in the laptop. With XP installed, the laptop couldn't connect to the internet - Internet Explorer would give a "Server not available" message. In frustration I ran the network wizard multiple times on both the desktop and laptop, and must have royally messed up the settings. When I brought up the Control Panel on the desktop, and looked at Network Connections, it had the DSL listed, but had it as "disconnected" even when it was connected. So of course when I tried to "Connect", I got error messages that the remote computer wasn't responding. At the same time, on the desktop, the Internet worked fine. In any case, I disconnected the wireless card on the laptop and tried to just dial in with my old AOL account. But that wouldn't work either. Got the same error message when I tried to use Internet Explorer - XP thought I wasn't connected. But at the same time I could freely browse around in AOL's browser and clearly was connected. I finally uninstalled XP and went back to bad old Me. And everything works fine again. Any idea what went wrong? Do I dare to try to install XP again?
    I need help to delete almost 45,000 files and I don't know how to do it??? Anyone with some help, RESPECT, because I need enough help. Thank you B.G.

Simple Wireless Question

Postby Hootie Bethesda » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 01:23:39 GMT

Although I'm no PC novice, I have no experience in 
networking. I have a desktop PC and a notebook.  The
notebook has a wireless card.  I want to share files
between the two, and I want the notebook to be able to
access the printer(s) connected to the desktop. There are
no internet connections that need to be shared--each 
computer has its own modem and dialup connection. Just
file and printer sharing.  What hardware do I need for the
desktop PC?

Simple Wireless Question

Postby FL » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 04:50:22 GMT

Add a Wireless Network Adapter to the PC-a USB external is 
very simple to install. Then you need to set both PC and 
laptop to use Ad-Hoc wireless networking. Explained enough 
in most wireless product docs or XP help; the basic setup 
and sharing is pretty simple. Encrytpion between the two 
is recommended if in apt or condo where other wireless 
networks may be close--that is tougher to explain here 
since you must set encrypt options based on compatibility 
between two adapters. Remember that wireless protocols 
802.11b and 802.11g are compatible with each other.

Re: Simple Wireless Question

Postby Hootie Bethesda » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 04:57:32 GMT


Thanks for the info.

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