xpsp1hfm.exe not a valid win 32 application

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  • 1. strange folder
    I noticed, using Explorer, that immediately under the folder caled Local Disk (c) is a folder called: 34162252cd825a2b61b722e5ac and in that folder are three folders called common, sp1 and sp2 and a file called xpsp11hfm.exe. I don't remember ever seeing this before on my machine. Also I tried deleting and it won't delete. Can anyone help me?
  • 2. activedoc
    lost my active doc???
  • 3. DNS Problem with Win XP Pro
    Hi I am having an issue with win xp pro seeing my dns server on my network. It seems that when i setup dhcp and after configuring my gateway for my internet and my dns settings. my xp workstations logon into the network slowly, when my server dns is secondary to my ISP's dns, it seems in order for the workstations to see the internet i have to set the Isp's DNS first- now the network pc client does login the network but it takes longer than a normal logon should. but if i obviously setup dhcp with my network local dns server as primary in my list they login quickly but i cannot see the internet at all. this only happens with my xp clients. is there anything that i can do to tweak or change in xp or my server config.
  • 4. unmountable boot drive
    have two drives in my computer. the one i normally boot to now says unmountable boot drive. the other still boots ok but takes about 10 to 15 minutes to boot. i know there is two different problems but am interested in the first oneonly. any help apper. thanks email to XXXX@XXXXX.COM

xpsp1hfm.exe not a valid win 32 application

Postby Jonathan » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 18:28:14 GMT

My computer crashes every 5 YES 5 minutes..with that 
error..What is it???

Re: xpsp1hfm.exe not a valid win 32 application

Postby Carey Frisch [MVP] » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 22:30:55 GMT

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Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows XP Shell/User


| My computer crashes every 5 YES 5 minutes..with that 
| error..What is it???

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