Scanner and Camera Wizard doesn't show up in pictures autoplay

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Re: Scanner and Camera Wizard doesn't show up in pictures autoplay

Postby SWFu » Mon, 28 Nov 2005 14:58:03 GMT

Hi, thanks for you reply. I didn't get the Autoplay option when I connected 
my camera.  I only had tabs for "General", "Events", "Color Management".  The 
Autoplay did come up, but only with Camera & Scanner Wizard, and Word.

When I did this for my Media Card in the multicard reader, I receive the 
MCE2005 and Take No Action as the options from Autoplay.  I could not restore 
defaults back the original list of options.


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1.Scanner and Camera Wizard doesn't show up in pictures autoplay win

I had been using the Scanner and Camera Wizard for over 1 year without 
problems; recently, however, it stopped showing up as an option when I insert 
my CF card into the multicard reader on my PC.  I did recently load Rollup2 
for MCE2005, but I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem.

The autoplay does work, it just show only WE and Take No Action as the 
options.  Before I had a full list of choices.


2.Scanner and Camera Wizard doesn't recognize camera

Just recently, my new camera, a Kodas Easy Share 1485 IS, broke and was 
replaced, same model.  Software intact, I conntected it to my computer.  I 
was always able to see it automatically via My Computer when connected and 
turned on.  Well, now I can only view it via the software Kodak gives you, it 
is NOT recognized in My Computer.  The computer makes that bell sound and 
said the new device was properly installed and ready to use, but it doesn't 
appear.  It is a pain in the neck (and other body parts) to use their 
software.  The old camera, before it stopped opening its lens and was shipped 
back, was recognized via the same software.  I even tried to update/repair 
the software but to no avail.  When I went to use the camera wizard, there 
are only three choices to pick and none of those three are mine.  I inserted 
my disk but can't locate any setup info on it to use with the wizard.

I am running Windows XP Home SP2.  Any suggestions to get my computer to 
show me my camera again, like before it was replaced?  Should be no different 
now.  Same camera, same software, nothing new except the actual camera 
itself.  And you CAN view the photos taken via Kodak's program only. 

Thank you.

3.XP Autoplay Scanner and Camera Wizard

I'm having a serious problem wth Autoplay Scanner and Camera Wizard on
Windows XP Pro!
To transfer the pictures from my Olympus C-750 Ddigicam, I use a USB
cable. After I plug in the camera and turn it on, the autoplay device
pops-up with copy from camera and scanner wizard, view slideshow,
print files, view folder and so on.
If I choose view folder, view slideshow it works OK. If I choose to
copy pictures from Scanner and Camera Wizard, NOTHING happens.
It started happening since I formated the Hard drive last week. It
works fine If I use the acquire device feature from ACDSee 6.
The Scanner and Camera Wizard Works fine when I try to use the scanner
I own.
So, why doesn't work with the camera? NOTHING Happens! 
I've been reading about it, tried the autofix from Microsoft for
Autoplay, checked the Autoplay properties for the devices, checked
regedit.exe, gpedit.exe and services. Nothing can make it work.
I've even tried to disable autoplay and enable it again and didn't
I'd appreciate some help with the subject! 

4.Shortcut AutoPlay Scanner and Camera Wizard

When you plug in a USB stick with some pictures on it (or you select
Content Type: pictures in AutoPlay), you have the option to choose 'Copy
pictures to a folder on my computer' when AutoPlay is enabled.

Because I also have an external hard-drive, I have disabled AutoPlay.
When I connected the external HD, it would always start to browse/read
the entire content of the HD (annoying pop-up I had to cancel) and then
  it would open the folder.

As a consequence, I no longer have the option to choose 'Copy pictures
to a folder on my computer', which would launch the Scanner and Camera
wizard, when I plug in my USB stick with pictures on it. When I try to
manually start the Scanner and Camera wizard (wiaacmgr.exe), I'm getting
an error message indicating I don't have any scanners or camera's

Is there a way to disable AutoPlay and create a shortcut to launch the
'Scanner and Camera wizard' when the USB stick is plugged in? (and will
not result in an error message)


Is there a way to enable AutoPlay but to prevent the AutoPlay of the
external hard-drive?

One of these solutions would be greatly appreciated!


5.missing scanner/camera in scanner and camera wizard


I have an HP ScanJet 6200C and Intel Pro Webcam both USB 
that USED TO appear in the list of things when I 
opened "My Computer".

I also USED TO be able to access them via the "Scanners 
and Camera Wizard" for scanning, etc, but now they don't 
appear in either place and when I try to run the wizard, 
it just says it can't find a scanner/camera and to go to 
the control panel to install it.

Both of these devices are supposed to be using the "built-
in" WIA drivers, which apparently they were before, but 
are not anymore somehow.

I have already verified that the WIA service is running 
in "Services", and I have tried Uninstalling/deleting 
them from device manager several times so that they can 
re-install themselves.  They are recognized and install 
fine after doing that, they just still don't appear 
in "My Computer" or the wizard.

I suspect there is something I need to clean out of the 
registry, but I don't know what.  Any ideas?


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