My digital camera

Windows XP


  • 1. Downloading Digital Pictures
    When I download digital pictures from my camera into Widows XP (My Photos) the are not captured at the high resolution and large size in which I took them on them in? How can I capture them to my computer in the same size in which I shot them? Please help, I'm very new at all of this?
  • 2. Picture problem
    I have a folder with a bunch of pictures and they are all mixed up, like they picture in the little veiw before you click on it to see the full size isnt it, so every time I want a certin picture I have to check them all to figure out which ones which. Also I have a picture as a background for my folder how cna I remove that?
  • 3. Loading Pics to the computer
    Hi, I just wanted to find out that when i connect my camera to the computer earlier it used to ask me if it wanted windows to copy the pics and delete them from the camera. But it does not do that now. I was wondering how can i start that back again. It was like how whe you pop in a CD it asks you what do you want windows to do with it and it remebers that.
  • 4. BAck up
    Where can I get information on how to back up Favorites, address book in outlook express?

My digital camera

Postby TGl6IERlbGdhZG8 » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 04:36:10 GMT

My son have a digital camara kodak EZ 200 and we have window xp he try to instal the camara but when he trays to used he get a massege that said your camara is not conected to your pc and is conected can somebody help me.And everything is instal already but we can not take a picture, we can work with everything that has but ,no to use the camara.

My Digital Camera

Postby BillM » Mon, 16 Feb 2004 02:39:17 GMT

I just noticed recently that when I double click on My 
Computer, in the Other category (next to Network 
Connections), there is now an entry for "My Digital 
Camera".  This is showing up as a system folder, but when 
I try to open it, it does nothing.  When I choose the 
Explore option, it jumps to My Computer and displays all 
the icons that are listed on my desktop screen. It has a 
registry key name 
of "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVe
AFC5-444553540002}".  What is this?  It doesn't act like 
anything associated with my actual digital camera.

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