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    I've already tried some of the posted suggestions after the resizing dialog box quit appearing. 1. Tried regsvr32 shimgvw.dll (several times) with restart. 2. Tried System 32 moving sendmail.dll to an "old file" folder and having it replaced from backup (several times). 3. Went to add/remove and deleted all the photo editing programs that came with my new Canon digital camera. 4. Went out in the back yard and yelled at the moon. Could the sendmail.dll file at the backup source be corrupted? Is there another "trick" I don't know about? I'm out of options. Any help is appreciated.
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    I am using SyncToy 2.0 Beta on an XP machine with NTFS file systems. There is one very large (1GB) file in my folder pair and if this was changed on the source, SyncToy cannot copy it to the destination. The reason is that it runs out of disk space. However, the file that was changed is the exact same size, so it already exists on the destination. There is 800MB free on destination and the file is 1GB in size. Might it be that it is trying to make a full 1GB copy of the file before deleting the file being copied over? Can't the file be deleted (or moved to recycle bin) before the copy takes place? Even if the file would not fit in the recycle bin, it should not error out by running out of disk space. There should be 800 MB free before and 800 MB free after the operation. I can copy the file by hand, but isn't that SyncToy's job? It seems like others would have this same problem when using memory sticks, but I did not find reference to it in other posts. Thank you for clearing this up for me.

dialog box not showing up

Postby RG91Zw » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 03:46:10 GMT

When I plug in my digital camera to my computer --a dialog box would always show up and ask me what I want to do with my pictures---slideshow--copy to hard drive-view--or no action at all.   This box for whatever reason is not showing up anymore---and I want it to.   How do I get this box back.  Please help me

Re: dialog box not showing up

Postby Yves Alarie » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 06:16:16 GMT

ifferent ways to try to repair the Autoplay window for downloading from
either a camera or card reader.

Go from steps I to V, although step V may not be needed.

I. Connect your camera to your computer, power it on and make sure you have
pictures on your memory card. Make sure your batteries are good or better
yet, use your AC adapter if your camera came with one. If you are trying
with a card reader, just connect it with a memory card inserted and with
pictures on the memory card.

Click on My Computer and look under Device with Removable storage. Your
camera will be listed there and a drive letter will be assigned to it
(something like H, G, etc.) You will use this drive letter in a step below.
If you do not see your camera listed there you will need to repair your USB
connection or you are on a network and the network drive is Z and XP cannot
assign a drive letter to your camera so you will need to take care of this
first. The steps below will not work if XP cannot assign a drive letter for
your camera.

II. Click on Start, click on Run and type the following in the textbox:
and press Enter
Note that there is a space between ...32 and SHI...
This will take a few seconds to run.

III. Go to the following site:

and download the autofix.exe file in one of your folder. Once done, double
click on this file. A window will open. Follow the directions on the screen.

Once done, turn off the camera and reboot.

IV. Power the camera on, wait 10-15 seconds for XP to recognize it, you
should hear some beeping sound and the window should now open giving you the
option of downloading photos from the camera.

V. You may have to set the options for this window.
Click on My Computer, your camera should be listed there under Devices with
Removable Storage. Right click on it and click on Properties. In the opening
window, click on the Autoplay tab and under Select, scroll to Pictures to
select it. Select the button Prompt me...

You can also download the autofix.exe file from here if the above site is
not available.


Here are previous fixes at the Microsoft FAQ page.

Go this site:


Fourth item from the top of the page. Two fixes are presented. One is to
edit the registry, the second one is to download Tweak UI and do the repair
with it. If you are comfortable editing the registry, go ahead.

If not, download Tweak UI.

Once you download the Tweak UI file in one of your folders, double click on
it to install it.

Once this is done, click on Start and click on All Programs. Look for Power
Toys for Windows XP. Click on it and Tweak UI will be listed. Click on it to
get it started.

A window will open. Click on the + sign next to My Computer, then click on
the + sign next to Autoplay. Then, click on Types. Check the boxes for
Autoplay Drive Types and click OK.

"Doug" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
always show up and ask me what I want to do with my
pictures---slideshow--copy to hard drive-view--or no action at all. This
box for whatever reason is not showing up anymore---and I want it to. How
do I get this box back. Please help me

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