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  • 1. JPEG question
    I have a couple of imaging tools on my Windows XP system (Paint, PictureIt, PhotoPlus, Adobe Photoshop Album). Out of all these, it is Paint that achieves the best JPEG compression. Paint's JPEGs are sometimes 10 times smaller that PhotoPlus' even though I'm compressing the same image using identical parameters (image size, number of colours, etc). How is this possible? When I look at the resulting images, the 5MB JPEG (PhotoPlus) and the 500K JPEG (Paint) are indistinguishable.
  • 2. camera wizard and my computer
    After reading many posts on camera and scanner wizard not working I thought I could fix the problem. Not so. I do not have real player 10 installed (real player 8) My Computer section is also very slow in loading now. I have SP 2. USB's are working for other devices. The Camera is a Canon A95 and I went to their website and tried their fix of a wia driver. no luck. Cant see the camera on my computer either. Defraged hard drive just for giggles. Very new computer. HP laptop 3.2ghz 1.5 mg ram 80 gb HD. I uninstalled the canon software. I tried my other camcorder sony and it wasnt recognized either. Seems to be something else than the normal issues. Help
  • 3. My Documents/ My pictures in Xp home
    Hi I just purchased a new pc with Xp home edition. I cannot see the pictures that I have saved in my pictures. When I click on them, I get asked what program I want to use to open them . I click on a program and the pictures open. But I am used to seeing my pictures in the actual file. There is a box to click on in the bottom of the choices of programs and it says use this program to open pictures all the time, but I can't click on it, it is greyed out. Please help frustrated in Vancouver -- Gayle

Image Q

Postby Umljaw » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 04:20:03 GMT

I'm looking for any free & decent software I could DL in order to create 
flyers. I have an image I scanned & saved I'd like to crop, set up on a page 

Any suggestions?

Thanks! :)

Re: Image Q

Postby John Inzer » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 08:42:48 GMT

There's a 60 day trial version of Digital Image
that would easily accomplish your task:

Microsoft Digital Image
Starter Edition 2006
(this offer is no longer being
promoted but I'm relatively sure
you can still download it and
run it for 60 days)

If you prefer a free program...FastStone
Image Viewer has a great crop tool.

FastStone Image Viewer

And there are some free programs at
the following link:

Free Serif Software

        John Inzer
    MS Picture It! -
Digital Image MVP

      Digital Image
Highlights and FAQs

This is not tech support
      I am a volunteer

 Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk 

Re: Image Q

Postby Young » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 22:24:32 GMT

Hello Rick:

How about using Microsoft Word, or some other word processor?  It's easy to 
make great flyers and posters!  Even brochures!

Good Luck!

Cordially yours,

Young Snodgrass

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