Access Denied from Print Server when printing from internet

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Access Denied from Print Server when printing from internet

Postby A Church » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 13:45:58 GMT

I am unable to set-up printing with a windows XP home 
edition PC, only printing from the Internet. The PC can 
print to the Micronet SP751 print server fine locally 
(print server drivers are installed and port mappings 
appear fine) but once I dial-in (56K modem with XP default 
firewall enabled) I am unable to print from what so far 
appears to be internet enabled applications e.g. Outlook 
express, IE and other 3rd party apps, in particular 
banking software.

I have changed settings so the print jobs spool before 
printing and the jobs appear in the printer queue, the 
print server then replies "Access denied". No other 
network files will print until the print job is cancelled 
and a local print is sent to the printer e.g. a word doc.

This is the only modem on the network so a work around is 
not that desirable. In saying this there were no problems 
what so ever when the printer was attached locally and 
shared out to the network.

I have added the banking site in question to the zone 
security settings in Trusted sites/security/internet 
options and this has made no difference. Users are able to 
copy and paste from the web and print using a local 
application however this is not a desired outcome (im 
dealing with users not tech's here).

If anyone knows of some obscure settings I may have missed 
I would love to hear from you. HELP!

A Church

Access Denied from Print Server when printing from internet

Postby toppo » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 03:06:55 GMT

tab then select "Enable third party browser extensions" 
and disable it.Close down

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