USB001 Virtual printer port vs USB002 Local port vs USB003 Virtual printer port ????

Windows XP

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    Hi there, just wondering if you guys can help as I cant work this out. I have just upgraded from ME to XPsp2, everything went through pretty smoothly as I had downloaded all the XP drivers onto my sytem before starting the upgrade. The only thing I cant get working is my printer. The XP driver pack downloaded from HP's website appeared to work as normal but it asks you to plug the printer in half way through and when you do that it just doesnt find the printer at all. I tried re-installing the USB2 drivers for my abit nguru motherboard but that doesnt appear to be the issue as any other usb devices work. XP found the printer as a new device when I plugged it in and tried its DOT4? drivers but they dont work either. Anyone got a possible fix on this as I am scratching my head as to anything else to try atm? Cheers Justin

USB001 Virtual printer port vs USB002 Local port vs USB003 Virtual printer port ????

Postby BobLeavitt » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 08:24:47 GMT

I have an hp1012 on USB001 and an Epson Stylus Photo 870 on USB003, both of
which are described as virtual printer ports in the printer's Properties.
Both printers print work fine.  I also see an unused USB002 described as
"Local port".  (Don't ask me how I ended up with this arrangement - I can't
really tell you.)

What is the difference between a USB local port and a USB virtual printer
port?  Should the printers be assigned to virtual printer ports?

I am trying to gain some understanding of what is going on because of a
related problem, and that is that my scanning software (Microtek ScanWizard)
tells me that no printer drivers are installed, so I cannot use the copy
function.  Nobody else to be complaining about this problem.  I am running
WinXP SP1 on a plain ol' Dell 4500.

Any guesses as to what the scanning software might be looking at to
determine whether printer drivers are installed?  I have uninstalled and
reinstalled the scanner and printers and related software so many time that
I have lost count.  I am using the latest versions of scanner and printer

Sure will appreciate any help.

Robert Leavitt

Re: USB001 Virtual printer port vs USB002 Local port vs USB003 Virtual printer port ????

Postby Chuck » Mon, 27 Sep 2004 13:12:50 GMT

This might get a bit confusing.
A virtual port is a port that is setup as a link in software to what 
ultimately & usually is a physical (local) port.
The virtual port "virtual0001" might or might not connect to USB Port 1 
It gets interesting when you swap the printers and connect them to different 
physical USB ports.
To confuse things further, just add a powered hub and connect both printers 
to the same USB port via the hub.
After checking  the printer port properties, etc.for each variation, apply 
finger to lower lip, and make appropriate blubbering sounds. Don't be 
suprised to find different and often confusing nomenclature used by 
different printer drivers.

Things can and have been worse! We used to be forced to write our own 
printer drivers in the early days of CPM, Apple dos, MSdos, and dot matrix 
Finally, Microsoft was kind enough to supply a sort of universal graphics 
driver included with DOS that accepted a data file describing the 
characteristics of a graphics and /or color printer.

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