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    I have for many months had my windows xp machine sharing a printer that's connected to it. I use this printer through the network on many macs and pcs. I have recently had to re start my computer (format the drive and reinstall windows) when sharing the printer, it asks me for a username and password. All of the macs that are running on the network can see the computer that's got the printer attached to it (THEBLUEBEAST) But when doubleclicking on it (normally this then shows all the printers connected to the computer, pc or mac!) It tells me that it couldn't connect to the computer using my current user name and password. And it asks me to provide it with another Username and Password to connect to the printer AS. What is this username and password? I have tried a combination of every password and username that's on the XP machine, but to no avail. Is there a standard Printer access password, eg. PRINTERADMIN etc? I've never had this message appearing before, just recently. I cannot perform any network printing till this has been resolved and is becoming a pain. We print around 50 pages a day, with about six users on the network, it's a pain for me to mount their drives, browse for the file and then print it locally from the XP machine. Hope you can help TIA DAN -- ========== Dan Walters
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    Hi, how can I decrease the time for repeating sending a fax, when line is busy? horst
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    The XP fax service has been working fine until recently when it would hang when trying to print to the fax printer. I tried uninstalling using Windows Components Wizard and then re-installing. The re-install goes through the motions and says that it was successful, however the Fax Services in Windows Components Wizard is still unticked and no fax printer is installed. The re-install does not give any error messages or seek files from a CD. I am running Windows XP Pro, with SP2. If you require any specific log files than can you please provide me the path and filename so that I can find them
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    Can any one help me with this problem? I have been trying to scan from the hp director on my desktop but everytime that I hit the scan button I get a picture of a scanner that does nothing. A smaller box comes on the screen and tells me that there is an error communicating with the scanner or that it may be in use or disconnected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program more times than I can count and am not too sure what else to do. I even went to the hp support website but that didn't help. I'm running windows xp if that means anything.
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    Hi, I googled but couldn't find this info. Perhaps I didn't use the right search keywords. Please offer suggestions. My request is simple. I travel with a laptop and ALL my important data is on my Flash drive. When I plug back into the office PC, all my data is there. EZ enough. Here's what I want to be able to do (or something reasonably similar). 1) Create print "queue" on my flash drive with the proper print configuration for my printer in the office (Printer type shouldn't matter but it's a Brother MFC 7820N). 2) While on the road - I send documents to my print queue just like I'm printing normally. Those dump into some kind of file/queue on my flash drive. 3) When I get back to the office, I plug the flash drive in normally and I either initiate or (better) it automatically senses that there are jobs in my flash drive queue and those get routed to the actual print queue on my desktop PC. Suggestions, ideas, google keyword search help? Thanks, Jobee

Printers keep going offline

Postby M Skabialka » Sun, 08 Feb 2009 04:11:00 GMT

We have three printers on our network that are shared by everyone.  They are 
different brands and different ages.
Randomly any one of them will stop printing and if you look at the 
properties it will say that printer is offline.  Sometimes removing 
everything from the print queue and restarting it works.  Sometimes you have 
to power if off completely.  Sometimes nothing works.  The print spooler on 
the server and PC never seems to be stopped, and stopping and starting it 
doesn't change anything.
But, a few hours, or days later, all of a sudden it is online again as 
though nothing happened.  This happens at least once a week, to a random 

What would cause this?

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I have an HP OfficeJet 7210 All-In-One Printer connected to my router 
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I recently replaced my old XP laptop with a new laptop running Vista
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When this occurs, if I attempt to print anything, it shows as "pending"
in the print que but does not print until the laptop is rebooted.

I thought it may have something to do with the laptop going into sleep
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back online, other times they don't!  They are all different brands or 
models but it happens to any of them.  Three are over five years old and 
never had this problem until recently.

What else can I check?

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My printer's driver seems be set at " offline " at times.

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goes to "offline" while the computer is on, only if I turn the
computer off.  

& I cannot say if it always happens when the computer is turned off

It should always say " ready " right?

It's not a real big deal, as I can always access the control panel &
set it to " ready ", but it is a pain in the butt, especially of I am
on the Interent & want to print something.

I don't think it matters, but it is a Brother MFC 5100C USB driver.
(Could it be the driver's fault somehow?)

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