Broadcom, Sysprep, and Joining Domains - Issue Resolved

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Broadcom, Sysprep, and Joining Domains - Issue Resolved

Postby gerson j. ricardo » Sat, 08 Apr 2006 02:48:58 GMT

Besides this aforementioned autosense nonsense you can also use earlier
revisions of Broadcom's drivers, especially for the BCM5700 line of
gigabit ethernet MACs.  I have a stable (aka production) Windows XP SP2
image built upon Dell Dimensions 4XXX and Optiplex lines, in other
words chipsets and ICH class drive controllers from the venerable 845G
to latest PCI-Express 975X.

In any case, using version 7.86.00 (which is WHQL'ed by the way) solves
to domain joining issue for me.  When using images with the v8.48e
driver (released October 2005); would seemingly always result in the
machine failing to join our AD domain.  Curiously if you forced the
machine down through a 10-sec ATX power shutoff sequence (ok, ok,
pressing down the power button for >10sec) and bring the machine back
up it would actually *sometimes* join the domain - but always
erratically and never in the first imaging attempt.

Essentially backtracking to v7.86 of b57xp32.sys (dated 8/23/2004) of
this driver revision solved the auto-domain joining problem in our

It would be well advised if Broadcom did some debugging and fixed this
issue within their next salvo of driver releases.

Gables Engineering, Inc

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