XP Pro keeps prompting to activation after it has already been don

Windows XP

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XP Pro keeps prompting to activation after it has already been don

Postby VG9kZA » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 14:50:01 GMT

I have a somewhat new install of XP Pro.  The hardware has not changed, but 
the trial period has expired, forcing activation.  I called customer service 
and went through the automated system, but XP continously prompts me with an 
activation message.  When I click "Yes" to complete the activation process 
again, I get a box stating Windows is already activated.


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1.Windows XP Activation - keeps prompting to activate

I recently had to reinstall windows xp using a recovery cd from my laptop 
manufacturer due to a problem which i think was caused by a virus.  Since 
then upon starting windows, it says i need to activate windows.  A blue 
window opens up which then says "Windows is already activated.  Press OK to 
exit"!!  It now says i have 3 days left to activate..  I have run the guided 
help program from microsoft to supposedly fix a script which interferes with 
activation, to no avail.  I have also renamed wpa.dbl and done regsvr32 on 
regwizc.dll and licdll.dll, again to no avail!

Please help!
Many thanks

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3.Windows XP Home activation keeps prompting me, now I'm locked out

I have a Sony Vaio PC that came with XP home preinstalled.  I had to replace 
the hard drive and used an OEM XP Home CD to reinstall XP on the new hard 
drive.  Since the old hard drive failed, I was unable to use sony's restore 
and the pc came with no discs to reinstall the OS.  I installled XP without 
any problems from the OEM CD using the COA code from the sticker on the 
computer case.

After installing, I was prompted for Windows activation. Having high speed 
internet, I did the online activation.  About a week later, I was prompted 
for activation again.  So I clicked activate over the internet.  I then 
received a prompt stating that this version of windows was already activated. 
 Fine.  A few days later, I received the activation prompt again, so I did 
the online activation again.  Once again, I receved a prompt stating that 
this version of windows was already activated.

Now, I am totally locked out of windows.  When I boot, I get an activation 
prompt, but I click the link to activate and windows just reboots and wont 
let me activate it.  This is a continuous cycle and I am totally locked out 
of windows.

How do I get back to the activation screen so I can get the installation ID 
to call MS?  I attempted calling the activation hotline, but they kept asking 
me for the installation ID, which I can't get to.  I spoke to a 
representative that was of no help at all.  He transfered me to customer 
service who told me they could transfer me to tech support for a $35 fee or 
they could transfer me back to activation department.  So I went back to the 
activation department who again transfered me to customer service.  Now I am 
stuck in a loop with them as well as my computer.  Whats the deal?  Is there 
anyway to get my PC working again?  Wanting to charge me $35 to talk to a 
tech is ridiculous.  I am trying to activate thier product and use it 
leagally.  I can see why so many people use pirated windows software that 
bypasses the activation.  I am ready to scream...  I spent hours trying to 
get the computer to work and then almost 2 hours on the phone with MS.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance! 

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getting prompted for activation then says it is already activated then it 
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I think this would be for all versions of XP and not just XP MCE.....

Is there  a fix for this?   this is so retarded!

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Alex, I don't know if it helps but I've just been told by my customer that 
about a month ago they reinstalled windows XP. Perhaps the problem stems from 
it having gone past the 30 days for activation?

I'd appreciate any help you can give me on this/

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