Video won't play on other computers

Windows XP

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  • 1. silent home movie help please
    hi everyone I was wondering if after I made a dvd in my standalone player/recorder of a silent home movie, can I put it in my computer and add background music. I have WIN XP home Interwood Windvd Creator also I have Muvee Auto Producer My stand alone is a Liteon Player/Recorder, which I copied a VHS home movie to a DVD+RW disk. It plays fine in my computer but sure would be nice to have some background music. I am wanting to make copies for my kids as gifts. If so how would I do it? Thanks in advance.
  • 2. Copying VHS tapes to DVD discs
    I recently purchased a JCV mini-DV camcorder with firewire connection. While attempting to copy VHS tapes from VCR to digital camcorder passing through to PC using a firewire cable Movie Maker gives me the following message "No Tape Detected" and I cannot go any further with the recording process. I am using a JVC GRD-72U mini-DV camcorder. I have used the Movie Maker to capture and edit other videos that are stored on the camcorder tapes but having no success with the pass through process.
  • 3. What is HIGHMAT?
    Once I saved my movie to CD, I looked at the files on the CD and see a folder called "HIGHMAT" what does the files in the folder do? How important are they?
  • 4. JVC
    I can not down my video camera on to my computer any suggestions.
  • 5. I believe this is a Video driver problem
    Hi, I am getting the following error message on logon: error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\NVMCTRAY.DLL I started getting this on a fresh install of XP, so i cornered the problem to nVidea drivers, i have however re-installed them several times and still no luck. Just wondering has anyone elso had the same problem? and what did you do to fix it? Thanks in advance Adam -- AdamRF

Video won't play on other computers

Postby Chris » Wed, 26 May 2004 06:49:26 GMT

When I burn a video from moviemaker to a cd, it will play 
fine on my computer but will only play the sound on other 
computers (eg my laptop). Anyone know why and what to do? 
Many thanks,

Re: Video won't play on other computers

Postby NoNoBadDog! » Wed, 26 May 2004 15:03:07 GMT

Do you have the required codecs installed on the other computer?

Hint: the answer is no.


Re: Video won't play on other computers

Postby chris » Wed, 26 May 2004 16:13:43 GMT

Many thanks. So where do I get the codecs from?



Re: Video won't play on other computers

Postby Cari (MS MVP) » Thu, 27 May 2004 02:55:06 GMT
Cari (MS-MVP Windows Client - Printing, Imaging & Hardware)

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