capturing dvd to an file

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    Why is it that when Im playing a movie using quicktime, and even windows media (ex a music video clip downloaded straight from the net) they are skipping. You cant make out any of the sounds from the videos cause its constantly echoing! Whats wrong
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    my tv and my notebook is already connected via s-video cable. I can watch the notebook screen on my tv. but how can I record what I watch on tv. Would I need an extra cable to connect between cable box (scart socket) and notebook (s video or some other) I have no idea?
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    I presently only have a CD writer with my CD Rom drive, but I'll be shortly getting a DVD writer, I'm however looking for advice to do with the two devices. I have stacks of family videos that I would love to transfer to CD format. How do I go about it? What kind of software is advised? What kind of cabling and from where to where? How do I go about just having the CD popped into the machine and just needing to press play and the motion simply pressing play as opposed to having to have a degree in computing to play the thing. Make it idiot proof, not that that'll help but it sounds good. If possible, is there someone out there that can give me the same advice for the DVD format? If I'm at the wrong place, my sincerest apologies, can you advise a link or where I should go. Please keep it clean. tommyglassford AT It won't keep the scammers away forever, but it might make it a bit hard for them.
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    In an article on this website a writer mentioned that an Analog Video Card ($50) was all that was necessary to get Movie Maker up and running when connected to a VCR. I have an ADS Instant DVD connected to the VCR and can run (somewhat) their versions of transfers to the hard disk and then to a CD...very difficult. But Movie Maker does not recognize the "device" and thus doesn't connect. No one at any store I have been to knows what I am talking about. Do you have any experience/knowledge about his subject? Thanks.
  • 5. Bit Rate
    Does anybody know how to change the bit rate in wmm to a higher value say 5Mps?

capturing dvd to an file

Postby SlIgZnJvbSBOaXhh » Tue, 31 Jan 2006 03:30:27 GMT

 After transferring my vhs to dvd on a panasonic dmr-ez40r burner, I have 
been unable to  capture the video off my harddrive.  I can play them but 
unable to create a file in order to import them microsoft movie maker.

Re: capturing dvd to an file

Postby Cari (MS-MVP) » Tue, 31 Jan 2006 03:37:53 GMT

Movie Maker won't edit VOB files..... WinDVD Creator, PowerDirector etc 
will.  Or you can convert the VOB files to something WMM will read.

Cari (MS-MVP)
Printing & Imaging

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