Problems with Logitech webcam and XP

Windows XP

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Problems with Logitech webcam and XP

Postby » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:44:29 GMT

Can anyone help here. I have a Logitech QuickCam Home 
configured to my XP system. I made a quick video email, 
compressed it via the Windows Media 9 encoder and posted 
it to my parents. I am on my parents pc now (Window 98 v2)
and the file arrives opened (i.e. not as an .exe file) as 
a Windows Media file but when I click on it only the 
sound plays - there is no video.
As a reference, my XP system is new and I had to contact 
Logitech to get my QuickCam to work on it - by 
downloading their latest software and crucially, 
downloading Windows Media 9 encoder which at last allowed 
me to compress video files.
Any help gratefully received.

Problems with Logitech webcam and XP

Postby marissa » Thu, 04 Dec 2003 02:18:25 GMT

we had the same problem with our logitech quick cam..we 
had to reset our microphone preferences in the settings 
section of quick sister had the same problem but 
she just went out and bought the logitech pro 4000 bc it 
has the microphone attatched to the cam and she said it 
works great...

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If I use the headset plugged into the mother board (on board sound) sound is 
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When XP tries to find a driver for it, XP of course fails.

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just fine.
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- MS Sidewinder Pro Joystick
- AIPTek Thumb Disk (forget the exact name, but one of those solid
state disk things :-))
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The retail store has replaced the Webcam so I dont think that the unit
is at fault.

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Thanks so much in advance,


5.MSN 7.5 webcam problem in XP (webcam in use, but isnt)


(sorry for multi-posting in two messenger newsgroups, but discovered that 
this newsgroup is covering XP-issues)

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photoshop), and also with a simple videorecording application that came with
the cam.

The problem that MSN thinks my cam is in use, and refuses to select the cam.
Sometimes MSN crashes when i go to the config-dialog.

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in the config dialog), so there must be something wrong with MSN.

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Thanks in advance!


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