Reading VHS tapes from VCR

Windows XP

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Reading VHS tapes from VCR

Postby Pat Mooney » Sun, 30 Nov 2003 03:50:34 GMT

I have a Dell Presarion 8200(?) .  Does it have an 
interface on the sound card ,or other cards, to allow 
connection of a VCR to the PC and read the tapes??

Reading VHS tapes from VCR

Postby Andrew E » Sun, 30 Nov 2003 04:44:25 GMT

 A good video-card with video-in is the main card to worry
 about,then since vhs tapes need to be in a digitalized
 format you need the wmp9 series encoder.Actually you'll
 need the encoder to do audio and/or video,dwnload that
 with codecs and youre on youre way. 

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dv camera.
It does put the logo on the dv screen for no tape, but the capture will work 
without a tape in the dv.
Don't know how it will work on other models, but it could be worth a try. 
BTW, this is on a firewire connection. 

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