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Offline files - going offline unnecessarily

Postby Darin Dugan » Thu, 04 Sep 2003 02:10:57 GMT

Have a Windows 2000 Server Appliance Kit box as a fileserver. Mapping to
share(s) on this server using DFS in an Active Directory environment.
(\\domain.tld\path\to\something) Everything seems to work just fine, with
the exception of offline files.

I have redirected My Documents onto the file server, on both my desktop
machine and a tablet PC. (So they have the same copy of My Documents.) The
desktop machine and the file server are always on the same subnet, connected
via different ethernet switches. Both run 100Mbps/Full-duplex. Periodically
my desktop machine goes offline for no discernable reason. I can make it go
offline by opening a Windows search window and searching for anything on all
local hard drives. (There's a short delay, the offline files balloon pops
up, then the search starts.) I can always reconnect by double-clicking the
offline icon and hitting OK.

I have three network drives mapped, all using DFS, all conincidentally
hosted by the same file server. The only item I have set to use offline is a
MyDocuments folder on one of the drives.

All I can think of that might cause this is a network condition, but that
seems a dubious possibility. I also tried bumping up the slow link value to
various values up to '10240' (1Mb).

Any other suggestions?

PS: What's the best way to suggest to Microsoft that individual shares go
offline and not an entire server? Or that Offline Files become DFS-aware?
i.e. when one of my DFS shares goes offline, they all do, because they are
all on \\domain.tld.

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My offline files just seem to go 'off line' all the time. When they go 
offline, the offline folders (which are mapped as drives) only show the 
files that are available offline, and don't try to reconnect.

Possibly my offline files are going offline because of Idle Session Timeout.

On the Server (SBS 2003), at the command line, NET CONFIG SERVER shows

Idle session time (min)    15

This would suggest that if I don't use the network shares for 15 minutes, 
they are automatically disconnected.
And that browsing an offline folder does not cause a reconnect.

Is this likely to be the problem? Should I change this setting?

If I futz around with a UNC path to a different folder, I can reconnect, and 
the offline folders reconnect.

This is dysfunctional. I would like to have some offline files in some 
offline file folders, but when I am connected I would like to see all of the 
files in the server folder.

I don't see other people asking about this problem.  Am I the only person in 
the world who has not shared "all files and folders" in the offline folder? 
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Windows XP Pro SP3 and up to day.
This was happening long before I installed SP3
File server is 2003 Server.

They keep going "Off line".

There's a little pop-up balloon that pops up and says:
"Offline files - Working offline
You are no longer connected to 'MyServerName'. You can continue working 
Click this icon to view status."

I've made this setting change:
Windows Explorer\Tools\Folder Options, Offline Files tab, Advanced button.
Set to "Never allow my computer to go offline.

I found this information is NewGroup past, but don't know if it's relevent:
This is 100% the SMB signing bug inhtroduced with XP SP1.  The workaround 
was contained in KB article #331519,
but Microsoft just recently yanked the article with no word, and has 
provided no substitute fix. Call MS, quote the article, and get it fixed. 
It has to do with turning off all digital signing on your 2k domain 

At one point I thought it was because they had their wireless NIC on at the 
same time their LAN NIC was on, but that doesn't seem to be it.

I also thought it might be Symantech's antivirus, but we tried disabling 
that and the laptop still goes in to offline mode.

Anyone have an idea what I should be looking for to resolve this???


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