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XP Home - Program Access for Multiple Users

Postby Mark Rabjohns » Sun, 24 Aug 2003 14:36:08 GMT

I have an XP Home system with one admin user and several 
limited users. In some programs installed by the 
administrator, I get a security violation message when 
run by a limited user.

How can I set up the security to allow the limited users 
to access these programs?

Re: XP Home - Program Access for Multiple Users

Postby Bruce Chambers » Mon, 25 Aug 2003 02:32:00 GMT

Greetings --

   This is quite common if the software was designed for Win9x/Me, or
if it was intended for WinNT/2K/XP, but was improperly designed. Quite
simply, the installation routine for this application doesn't "know"
how to handle individual user profiles, or the application tries to
make changes to "off-limits" sections of the registry.  Quite often,
you can make this software available to other users by _copying_ the
Start Menu folder and Desktop folder shortcuts from the user profile
from which the software was installed in the corresponding folders in
the user profile(s) in which you'd like the software to be accessible.
If the application is something that can/should be made available to
all current and future users, copying the shortcuts into the
corresponding locations of the All Users profile will do the trick.

    NOTE:  This may not work if the software requires access to parts
of the hard drive and/or registry that are not normally accessible to
regular users.  (This won't occur if the application was properly
written.)  If this does prove to be the case, however, you're left
with two options:  Either grant the necessary users appropriate higher
access privileges (either as Power Users or local administrators), or
replace the application with one that was properly designed
specifically for WinNT/2K/XP.

Some Programs Do Not Work If You Log On from Limited Account
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;EN-US;q307091

    Additionally, here are a couple of tips suggested, in a reply to a
different post, by MS-MVP Kent W. England:

"If your game or application works with admin accounts, but not with
limited accounts, you can fix it to allow limited users to access the
program files folder with "change" capability rather than "read" which
is the default.

C:\>cacls "Program Files\appfolder" /e /t /p users:c

where "appfolder" is the folder where the application is installed.

If you wish to undo these changes, then run

C:\>cacls "Program Files\appfolder" /e /t /p users:r

If you still have a problem with running the program or saving
settings on limited accounts, you may need to change permissions on
the registry keys. Run regedit.exe and go to HKLM\Software\vendor\app,
where "vendor\app" is the key that the software vendor used for your
specific program. Change the permissions on this key to allow Users
full control."

Bruce Chambers

You can have peace.  Or you can have freedom.  Don't ever count on
having both at once. -- RAH

Re: XP Home - Program Access for Multiple Users

Postby Brian Tillman » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 01:45:37 GMT

>How can I set up the security to allow the limited users

This is the result of the program trying to obtain write access to a file in
the Program Files folder where the limited users have no access.  I solved
this problem by createing a "Program Files" folder under "Shared Files" and
installing the programs there.
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