wxCheckListBox, XRC and styles



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wxCheckListBox, XRC and styles

Postby brian » Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:13:34 GMT

According to the documentation, wxCheckListBox supports the same styles
as a wxListBox. However, the XRC handler only does AddWindowStyles() not
any of the wxLB ones. I'm unsure whether wxLB_[SINGLE|MULTIPLE|EXTENDED]
make any sense with a wxCheckListBox (since the checking, unchecking
is/should be what is crucial here), but
wxLB_[HSCROLL|ALWAYS_SB|NEEDED_SB|SORT] surely do make sense.
DialogBlocks has support for adding only wxLB_SORT, and that may be all
that's needed, but that one surely is.

So, I suppose my question is: Which of the wxListBox styles _should_
wxCheckListBox support, and can they please be added to the XRC handler? :)

  /Brian Riis

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Re: wxCheckListBox, XRC and styles

Postby vaclav.slavik » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 07:48:58 GMT


I don't know for sure which one wxCheckListBox really supports 
(probably really all, since it derives from wxListBox), but I 
followed the docs and added all of them to the XRC handler in CVS.


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Bug? Oversight?

Or have I missed the point completely?

  /Brian Riis

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