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wxString::Format and %

Postby marcin » Sun, 18 Jun 2006 22:28:25 GMT

Format in current (13.06.2006) 2.7 version doesn't seem to handle %% as a  
literal %.

wxString number_format = wxString::Format(wxT("%%.%df"), precision);

produces: %%.1f, and it should %.1f for precision == 1. And so it does on  
my wxGTK 2.7 that is about a month old.

This started to happen some time ago (and perhaps (I'd have to update it  
but am away from that computer) works fine on FreeBSD, but perhaps there  
the system vsnprintf is being used?).

This seems to be a bug - "%%" format string should produce a single "%".

I'll try to examine wxVsnprintf and Parse in wxchar.cpp.
Marcin Simonides

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Re: wxString::Format and %

Postby f18m_cpp217828 » Sun, 18 Jun 2006 23:30:41 GMT

Marcin Simonides ha scritto:
You're right - wxVsnprintf() currently fails to do this.
Since that function was rewritten by me recently, that's my fault, sorry.

I'll fix it asap.


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my program is compiled with MinGW on XP with wxWidgets-2.8.8.

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wxString::Format("Text: %s", bla)
doesn't work with an unicode build. It does not compile. I know this is 
to be expected.

However, these alternatives also do not work:

wxString::Format(_("Text: %s"), bla)
wxString::Format(wxTRANSLATE("Text: %s"), bla)
wxString::Format(_T("Text: %s"), bla)
wxString::Format(wxT("Text: %s"), bla)

The program compiles, but then it hangs on that line. The only way I 
found to make it work is to use:

_("Text: ") + wxString(bla, *wxConvCurrent)

I'm not claiming that this is an error. I actually think it is not. I 
just want to suggest that the docs and the examples on 
wxString::Format() should be updated. And perhaps a way should be found 
to prevent the program to hang.

Also note that wxString::Format(_("Text: %d"), number) works fine.

Here is a code that illustrates what I'm saying. Uncomment the line 
// this doesn't work
and the program hangs, although it compiles fine:


#include <wx/wx.h>

class MyApp: public wxApp {
   virtual bool OnInit();


bool MyApp::OnInit() {

   wxString msg = _("A number: ");

   int number = 33;
   // this works:
   msg += wxString::Format(_("decimal: %d, "), number);

   char *text = "33";
   // this doesn't work:
   //  msg += wxString::Format(_("string: %s."), text);
   // but this does:
   msg += _("string: ") + wxString(text, *wxConvCurrent) + _(".");

   wxMessageBox(msg, _("wxString::Format() with Unicode"), wxOK | 
   return false;



Just dump these lines into a file and compile.



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