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  • 1. WordML and symbol font
    Hi; When writing using the symbol font in a WordML file it saves as: <w:r> <w:rPr> <w:rFonts w:ascii="Symbol" w:h-ansi="Symbol"/> <wx:font wx:val="Symbol"/> <wx:sym wx:font="Symbol" wx:char="F073"/> </w:rPr> <w:t>/w:>> < note: the actual character is in the<..< node. But when the same file is saved in rtf format, it is saved as: \f3\insrsid10572502 \'73 In other words 0xF073 becomes 0x73. So, what is the rule for this - when do I remove the 0xF000 from the font when converting it? It seems to hold for Symbol and Wingdings - but not for Arial & Times New Roman. thanks - dave -- thanks - dave
  • 2. Loading Outlook Express Contacts' Details into an XML file
    BlankHi all, I am building a small app to load contacts' details from O.Express. But due to the large amount of contacts in the Windows Address Book (>1000) it is taking a lot of time to load up hence I was thinking about loading the contacts' details (name,address,email,mobile telephone number etc) into an XML file, as I think that it will load up faster in the XML than in the object that I am using at the moment (for the curious kind, I am developing the app in Delphi6 and the object I am using at the moment is a TStringList). I dont have much knowledge about XML so I have turned up here to ask if anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction as if and how I can load the details into an XML document which I can then use to load up into my app. TIA, Mounil.

simple question about MSXML

Postby emVuZ2t1bg » Fri, 14 May 2004 13:36:03 GMT

I want to use MSXML to create a XML file like this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Schema xmlns=" http://www.**--****.com/ "><element name="Features" type="wfs:featuresType"  substitutionGroup="gml:_FeatureCollection"/></Schema

Here is my source coede
#include <stdio.h
#import <msxml4.dll
using namespace MSXML2
int main(int argc, char* argv[]

    IXMLDOMDocument2Ptr pXMLDom
    HRESULT hr
    hr = pXMLDom.CreateInstance(__uuidof(DOMDocument40))
    if (FAILED(hr))
        printf("Failed to CreateInstance on an XML DOM")
        return NULL
    pXMLDom->preserveWhiteSpace = VARIANT_TRUE
    IXMLDOMProcessingInstructionPtr pi
    pi = pXMLDom->createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'")
    if (pi != NULL)
    IXMLDOMElementPtr pe
    IXMLDOMNodePtr nodePtr
    _variant_t varTyp((short)NODE_ELEMENT)
    nodePtr=pXMLDom->createNode(varTyp,"Schema"," http://www.**--****.com/ ")
    pe = pXMLDom->documentElement
    IXMLDOMAttributePtr pa
    IXMLDOMDocumentFragmentPtr pdf
    pdf = pXMLDom->createDocumentFragment()
    pe = pXMLDom->createElement("element")
    hr = pXMLDom->save("dynaDom.xml")
    if (FAILED(hr))
        printf("Failed to save DOM to dynaDom.xml\n")
        printf("DOM saved to dynamDom.xml\n")
    if (pXMLDom) pXMLDom.Release()
    return 0

But the output is
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Schema xmlns=" http://www.**--****.com/ "><element xmlns="" name="Features" type="wfs:featuresType" substitutionGroup="gml:_FeatureCollection"/></Schema

you can see that :there is an attribute "xmlns" within the "element" tag and the value of the attribute is nothing
I don't want the out come is this,Please Help!

Re: simple question about MSXML

Postby Alex Shirshov » Fri, 14 May 2004 18:41:27 GMT

Hello, zengkun!
You wrote  on Wed, 12 May 2004 21:36:03 -0700:

[Sorry, skipped]

 z> But the output is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Schema
 z> xmlns=" http://www.**--****.com/ "><element xmlns=""
 z> name="Features" type="wfs:featuresType"
 z> substitutionGroup="gml:_FeatureCollection"/></Schema>
 z> you can see that :there is an attribute "xmlns" within the "element" tag
 z> and the value of the attribute is nothing. I don't want the out come is
 z> this,Please Help!

Since "element" element belongs to  http://www.**--****.com/ 
namespace you should use createNode function us you do with "Schema"

With best regards, Alex Shirshov.

Re: simple question about MSXML

Postby emVuZ2t1bg » Sat, 15 May 2004 11:26:02 GMT

Because "Schema" is the root element in this XML file,so I want the namespace " http://www.**--****.com/ " to be the default namespace.And "element" element use the same namespace as it's father "Schema".

Re: simple question about MSXML

Postby Alex Shirshov » Sat, 15 May 2004 14:56:50 GMT

Hello, zengkun!
You wrote  on Thu, 13 May 2004 19:26:02 -0700:

 z> Because "Schema" is the root element in this XML file,so I want the
 z> namespace " http://www.**--****.com/ " to be the default
 z> namespace.And "element" element use the same namespace as it's father
 z> "Schema".

That exactly how will looks document after my suggestion.
Did you try it?

With best regards, Alex Shirshov.

Re: simple question about MSXML

Postby emVuZ2t1bg » Sat, 15 May 2004 20:31:05 GMT

Thank you for your help
It has been settled.

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