Totally new to XML



  • 1. Vbscript...xml load problem... please help
    I dont know if its my computer.... but i did all the xml updates that microsoft has to offer and i'm still getting the errror code 800A01A8 "Object required" for my code. Although the code works on my boss' computer :-/ any suggestions. (error is on line 13) 01 Option Explicit 02 03 Dim xmlFile, xmlConfig, Xsep 04 05 Set xmlFile= CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.3.0") 06 07 xmlfile.load "C:\BankingTs\Transcrypt.xml" 08 09 10 Set xmlconfig = xmlfile.documentElement 11 12 Set XSep = xmlFile.SelectSingleNode("//Setup/Separator") 13 wscript.echo XSep.text I can be reached also by e-mail at XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 2. XPATH Help
    I have an xml whic has multiple tags in it <Contact> <FName/> <MName/> <Addresses> occurs 1 to many <street> <state> </Addresses> <Addresses> <street> <state> </Addresses> <Addresses> <street> <state> </Addresses> <Addresses> <street> <state> </Addresses> </Contact> Now what my xpath will be in vb to load all the addresses information I am using as //contact/Addresses/* but it gets only the first addresses information Please advice Thanks
  • 3. Selecting Node text with a blackslash
    I have a Node: <id>V1394\1TRY4</id> When I attempt to select the Node based on it's text it fails: Set Node = xml.selectSingleNode("/id[. = 'V1394\1TRY4']") If I remove the backslash, \, from the equation it works: <id>V13941TRY4</id> Set Node = xml.selectSingleNode("/id[. = 'V13941TRY4']") Is there a way to select a Node whose text contains a backslash? Thanks! JW

Totally new to XML

Postby Bob Barnes » Sat, 13 Dec 2003 05:02:26 GMT

I am an Access Programmer who will be learning XML in the
near future.

I understand XML can make PivotTables very similar to 

Looking for recommendations on a good book to start the
XML learning process.  After that, this Newsgroup should
be an excellent way to continue learning.

TIA - Bob

Re: Totally new to XML

Postby Josh Bertsch [MSFT] » Sun, 14 Dec 2003 06:13:14 GMT

The following three books were and still are books I rely heavily on.  I
found that they are able to answer all of my questions in a well thought out
manner usually with good examples to boot:

XML Bible (Hungry Minds)
Professional XML Databases (Wrox Press)
XSLT Programmers Reference (Wrox Press)

--josh bertsch

Re: Totally new to XML

Postby Bob Barnes » Sun, 14 Dec 2003 07:32:33 GMT

Josh, thank you.  I have highly regarded "Wrox Press"
books from when I first saw them in 1999.


heavily on.  I
a well thought out


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