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Parsing Problem

Postby frunny » Tue, 09 May 2006 17:56:43 GMT

Hi all,

I am now sitting here since 1 week and try to get to parse some little
xml with (old) ASP.
Yes, one week and I dont get it - either I think to difficult or I
didnt found the correct resource on the web.
anyway I want to parse this piece of xml

<rsp stat="ok">
		<user nsid="6453627" username="frunny" fullname="Mr.Frunny"/>

this is a rest response and the xml is fully loaded - i can put it out
in my website with
all is fine until now

now I want to parse it and try to read the "token" amd "perms" first -
but no luck, here is my code:

set nodeCol = xmlDom.documentElement.selectNodes("auth")
for each oNode in nodeCol

but this will not work I get a type missmatch "htmlencode"
I am totaly stuck into this and read a lot of things on the net but I
dont get it - what is the magic behind this ? It looks easy but it
seams not to.

any tipp or hint will be really great, also about reading the
attributes in the user element
thanks for your help

Re: Parsing Problem

Postby Anthony Jones » Tue, 09 May 2006 21:13:29 GMT

Your problem is that "token" and "perms" are elements not attributes try:-

  Response.Write(Server.HTMLEncode(GetElementText(oNode, "token")))
  Response.Write(Server.HTMLEncode(GetElementText(oNode, "perms")))

Function GetElementText(roNode, Path)
    Dim oNode
    Set oNode = roNode.selectSingleNode(path)
    If Not oNode is Nothing Then
       GetElementText = oNode.Text
    End If
End Function


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